Volkswagen and Audi were fined $85 million in the United States

The Volkswagen emissions scandal, also known as Dieselgate, first exploded in 2015.

When it was revealed that Volkswagen had deliberately altered emissions values ​​in diesel engines and cheated software in laboratory emissions tests, the bill was heavy.

This scandal, which turned the eyes of a whole group of consumers to electric motors and caused Europe to take drastic measures, caused many brands to pay billions of dollars in damages.

Producers continue to be punished

Volkswagen and Audi to pay $85 million in fines for violating Texas environmental laws over diesel scandal

Volkswagen, which previously paid more than $20 billion in fines for lawsuits related to the US emissions scandal, cannot avoid penalties from local and state governments.

Both brands will be separately approved by state and local courts.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton used the following information in a statement on the topic:

If a company thinks it can avoid accountability when it violates Texas law, puts Texans at risk, and pollutes our environment, it is dead wrong. Volkswagen and Audi are now paying the price.