Visiting Auto2000 BP Bandung Cibiru To See The Greatness In Toyota’s Biggest Body And Color Center.

PRIVATE AREA – 17 local and national journalists from Bandung had the opportunity to visit Auto2000 BP Bandung Cibiru, the largest Toyota Body & Paint center in Bandung, on Thursday 25 May 2023.

At the dealership located at Jalan Soekarno – Hatta No 751, Cibiru, Bandung, which is ready to serve all Toyota car owners with modern service and equipment, the largest and most comprehensive body and color equipment in West Java.

Currently, it has a total of 62 body repair and painting booths for the latest Toyota vehicles to restore the customer’s car body to its original condition quickly, with quality, and with a guarantee.

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“Auto2000 is committed to providing convenience, including body and paint repair issues for Toyota vehicles that require quality and reliable treatment. For Bandung and surrounding areas, please visit BP Bandung Cibiru,” Romy Syaputra, BP Auto2000 Bandung Cibiru Branch Manager, Thursday 25 May 2023.

Auto2000 BP Bandung Cibiru, explained Romy, has standard Toyota equipment internationally and technicians who are also certified by Toyota.

Since receiving official approval from Toyota, BP Bandung Cibiru has been able to work on about 32 units of cars per day, or about 716 cars per month, with a percentage of 83 percent for minor repairs, the rest for medium repairs and major repairs.

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Purwanto, as Head of BP Auto2000 Workshop Bandung Cibiru, explained that Auto2000’s body and paint center can handle the paint process in a short time, a maximum of only 8 hours from the start of the repair, and the ability to restore the condition of the car. the body becomes soft again.

“Auto2000 BP Cibiru has a Toyota Production System facility, as long as the work under 3 panels can be done in 8 hours or 1 day from the start of work, as long as the insurance and administration requirements are completed, so it is just production,” he explained.