VinFast Recalls All First Batch VF8 Units To Be Shipped To America

VinFast Recalls All First Batch VF8 Units To Be Shipped To America

MAY 26, 2023@12:39 WIB | 50 comments

VinFast, an EV manufacturer from Vietnam experienced its first ‘shock’ in the electric vehicle industry after having to do it. remember large for the VF8 model. Although the VF8 had only been launched a few months earlier.

How great remember– his? VinFast had to recall all VF8 units in its first batch shipped to the US. It was recorded that there were 999 units launched in the initial delivery.

The recall came after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said: “A software error could cause the multi-function unit (MHU) display to go blank.”

Usually, minor issues with infotainment units are of little concern. Unfortunately, the VF8 only has one display in the cab. Because it is used instead of a traditional shifter cluster, it displays important information such as vehicle speed and warning lights.

Therefore, a display failure could increase the risk of a crash that NHTSA has deemed a serious safety issue.

Such defects can cause the screen to go blank while driving or remaining idle. The cause lies in the software causing the communication error head unit. When this happens, rendering to the screen is interrupted, leaving the display blank.

The issue was first identified on April 27 via a customer who reported the issue. After following up on the customer’s car problem, Vinfast discovered more incidents in the wild. The recall was done on May 12, after the VinFast team investigated the matter.

Vinfast reported to NHTSA that 999 vehicles could be affected by this problem, with an estimated 7% of people affected. Only 111 of these vehicles were delivered to customers, with a further 153 in fleet service. The remaining 735 vehicles remain with the manufacturer. [wic/timBX].