VinFast pulls the VF8 City Edition electric car because the screen is off

VinFast pulls the VF8 City Edition electric car because the screen is off

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast announced that it is recalling the entire first batch of VF8 electric SUVs it delivered to the United States last year, due to a potentially fatal software bug.

The automaker announced the move after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said 999 VF8 City Edition vehicles from VinFast experienced a software bug in the dashboard that prevented important safety information from being displayed.

Most notably, the dashboard screen goes blank while driving or at a standstill, and NHTSA says this “may increase the risk of a crash.”

The agency estimates that 735 of the 999 VinFast VF8 City Edition vehicles are still in the hands of the automaker and have not yet been handed over to the customer or fleet customers.

VinFast has confirmed to Reuters that they are offering voluntary returns for the VF8 City Edition.

“VinFast is not aware of any reports of incidents in the field. The company is recalling this product as a precaution,” they said.

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In the recall report, VinFast said that they first became aware of the issue with the dashboard display on April 27 while reading customer comments and concerns. According to NHTSA, this problem has been documented 18 times.

The security agency said that VinFast will roll out an over-the-air (OTA) software update that should fix the problem.

The software update was launched on May 25, with owners expected to receive notification letters by May 29.

VinFast has delivered a total of 2,097 VF8 electric SUVs to the US in two batches, the most recent earlier this month. The company also plans to start delivering its first cars in Europe in July.

This is the second recall involving the VF8 after the company recalled 2,781 units of the VF8 SUV sold in Vietnam due to problems with the front brakes.

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Although the affected vehicles were all sold in Vietnam, VinFast said at the time that they would also confirm the 999 units of the VF8 City Edition shipped to the US for this issue.

VinFast’s recall is a step taken to ensure customer safety and maintain their brand reputation.

They are committed to addressing this issue through software updates and ensuring that modified VF8 City Edition vehicles meet safety standards.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail and instructed to contact an authorized VinFast dealer for necessary repairs. This was announced on Inside Evs, Thursday (25/5).

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Translator: Fathur Rochman
Editor: Siti Zulaikha