Verstappen shocks Formula 1 over possible move to Ferrari and Hamilton: “I want to”

Verstappen shocks Formula 1 over possible move to Ferrari and Hamilton: “I want to”

The System 1 it continues to shake after confirming that Lewis Hamilton He will race the “Prancing Horse” from 2025, but rumors of another radical transfer are the order of the day. Max Verstappenthree-time world champion in the division, he talked about the possibility of moving to Ferrari to form an elegant duo with a British pilot.

In the last few hours, comments emerged in the world of La Máxima that suggested the Dutch driver will be tested by Mercedes as Hamilton completes his exit. However, the buzz that was activated in the world of motor sports points to “Mad Max” around the Italian team and Red Bull rider himself decided to give his thoughts.

Verstappen revealed his desire for Ferrari

In an interview with the media MotorsportVerstappen, who is preparing to go for his fourth world championship, referred to Hamilton’s surprise departure from Mercedes: “If he is happy with that step, then let him go, I think it will be great. And of course, I hope for them that it will be successful. But at the moment it is unknown.”

Then, Max, who has a contract until 2028 with Red Bull, answered candidly when asked if he will follow in the footsteps of the seven-time F1 champion: “I don’t want to seem disrespectful or anything. I have a lot of respect for the Ferrari brand, but I’m very happy where I am at the moment. “I’m comfortable in the environment I’m in, so for me it’s not something I’m looking to change.”

Although he ruled out the possibility of the Austrian company leaving in the near future, the European is clear that decisions in the world’s most demanding competition can change from moment to moment. “But then again, in my life too, I know from what I have experienced so far, I never say things. But for me, Now, it’s not even in my head.”

On several occasions, the current top driver announced that he would be willing to give up racing for a while, if the calendar were suddenly extended. To that end, Verstappen once again made it clear that he has other plans in mind: “It’s just Formula 1. “I also want to do things beyond Formula 1.”

In the end, he did not want to get into controversy or scare his current team and said: “At the end of the day, if someone wants to drive a Ferrari and especially someone like Lewis, after having achieved so much, if that is their dream and goal, and ” Again, we don’t know the talks they had at Mercedes, at Ferrari, what has been promised, what they think is coming… I have made that decision.”