Vasseur: ‘We didn’t release Hamilton’

Vasseur: ‘We didn’t release Hamilton’

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has officially denied that the team made an offer to Lewis Hamilton.

A report published in the Daily Mail recently claimed that Ferrari had made a huge offer of £40 million a year for Hamilton.

It is no secret that Hamilton is unhappy with Mercedes, who have not been in the championship fight for the past two seasons, but his departure does not seem to be a reality at the moment, as he has said he will stay with the team. “for better or worse” at every opportunity and continues to negotiate with Toto Wolff.

Speaking about this rumor in Monaco, Vasseur also said clearly and with humor that there was no offer.

Vasseur said, “Two weeks ago [Carlos] Sainz to Audi, a week ago [Charles] You sent Leclerc to Mercedes, I was left alone in the team! But you know that at this point in the season, it’s normal to come across a different story every week.

“We have not made an offer to Lewis Hamilton, we have not had any talks. Yes, every team on the grid wants to have Hamilton at some stage, but it is absurd to say we have made an offer.”

“I may have met Hamilton, I’ve talked to Hamilton almost every weekend for the last 20 years. I don’t want to lose contact with him because you guys are after me.” say.