Vasseur: There was no conversation with Hamilton

Vasseur: There was no conversation with Hamilton

The head of the Scuderia denied that there were discussions between Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton.

According to Wasser The whole story was a creation of the media, which has nothing to do with reality.

“Two weeks ago the media was broadcasting Saint at Audi and a week ago Leclerc at Mercedes. So maybe I’ll be alone at Ferrari” joked the Frenchman. “I really know that every year around this time we have these kinds of reports. However, I want to emphasize that We have not and will not send an offer to HamiltonVasser insisted.

Vaser, of course maintains friendly relations with Hamilton. After all, he was the head of the ART Grand Prix back in 2006, when Lewis driving for them had won the GP2 championship.

“Talking to Hamilton? For the past 20 years almost every weekend. And and I will not stop doing it because these rumors are spreading,” Wasser noted.

Of course, Wasser has a lot of respect for Hamilton. “I think every team on the grid would want Hamilton. It would be foolish to say that this is not the case. However, there was no discussion,” he said.

Leclerc and Saint have contracts linking them to the Scuderia until the end of 2024. And for Vasser, discussions with them have priority. “I told you that the most important thing for us right now is focus on the development of this year’s car. In two months there will be time to discuss the future,” he added.

Remember that and Hamilton himself in Monaco denied that there had been any discussion with a Ferrari. He even revealed that an agreement with Mercedes was almost ready.

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