Using New Design, Honda Will Launch Small to Medium Electric Cars in 2025 – Honda revealed that they are developing a medium-to-large EV and it will go on sale from 2025. Cars using the e:Architecture are said to be available in 2026.

The company also announced that it is further developing its vehicle operating system or OS for use with mid- to large-size EVs and ensuring that it allows continuous improvement of vehicle performance and customer service even after the vehicle is purchased.

However, as indicated TechCrunchit didn’t say if it’s currently working on (or at least planning) a minivan based on the e:Design for existing markets like North America at the moment.

Before the vehicles based on the specific platform come out, Honda will launch the EVs it is currently developing with General Motors: the Acura ZDX and Prolog which are the automaker’s first electric SUVs.

Both vehicles should be available in 2024. In Japan, Honda is expected to release a series of compact EVs, including the electric N-One, a small box-shaped Kei Car that is widely seen on country roads, in 2024.

It will also launch a small SUV for the Japanese market in 2026. It is expected that markets in other Asian regions will also receive some of Honda’s new EVs.