Used Renault prices are spellbound! The good news of the factory-guaranteed used car came at 162.000 TL for those who could not afford to buy new.

Used Renault prices are spellbound! The good news of the second-hand car guaranteed by the factory for 162.000 TL came to those who could not buy a new car – While the rise in the price of cars during the crisis continued without cutting gas, unfortunately, the increase in experience made citizens again able to buy a car .

Although the price of the cheapest new car exceeded the band of 400 thousand TL, the rise in car prices and the stock problem pushed people to buy used cars. Increased demand in the second-hand market pushed second-hand prices to record highs, while prices for other models were back to zero. A new ad has been released for people who say they want to buy cheap used cars.


In a statement released by Renault, “The most accurate and detailed information is shared with you about the current condition of the car’s engine and mechanical parts, bodywork and paint, and the 96-point control carried out by our expert teams.

Extended warranties of 6/12 months are offered for re-assurance on all vehicles aged 8 years and less than 160,000 km, which have passed 96 control points. These warranties provide protection against potential faults in vehicles supplied to you by our authorized dealers. Expenses incurred will be covered by the policy if covered by the warranty. You can get information from our authorized dealers for all the details,” and the good news of a guaranteed used car was given.

In the published ads, the 2007 Renault Clio model was offered for sale for 232,000 TL, the Renault R5 model car for 250 thousand 900 TL, the 2012 Peugeot Partner model for 255,000 TL, and the 2000 Fiat Siena model car for. Only 162 thousand TL. Requests for all used cars for sale will be made through the Renault2 COM address.