Used electricity loses money quickly

Used electricity loses money quickly

Although electricity have been around for a while, the news coming out of the used market is not very good.

The used electricity market is still young, very slow trends that will dominate in the coming years are beginning to emerge.

In more mature markets than ours, such as in the UK, there are first things first. Which actually they are quite disappointing to their owners electricity.

A study published in England clearly shows that electric cars lose their value twice as fast as gasoline engines.

According to research, electric cars on average they will lose 51% of their market values from 2020 to 2023, compared to only 37% for gasoline vehicles.

This is the same as and a loss of more than 17,000 euros for the owners of electrical equipmentwhen petrol owners see a reduction of around 10,000 euros.

The data, from, used a comparison of new car prices three years ago versus their current value.

The higher the purchase price of the car, the greater the loss, while the Tesla Model S loses about €29,000 in value in just three years – a drop of 46%.

Even the cheap electric ones, like Nissan Leaf, it also loses a large amount of value in a short period of time. The value of the leaves is reduced by €14,000 – or 58% – despite being one of the most popular small EVs on the market.

Other popular cars like The Hyundai Ioniq and BMW i3 also saw significant wear rates 67% and 64% respectively.

Research shows that electricity loses a lot of value due to fear of battery conditions. But also why due to the rise in electricity prices It turns out that it is not as economical as it was a few years ago.

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