Update coming to Hyundai i30 (photo)

Update coming to Hyundai i30 (photo)

Contrary to modern trends, Hyundai he sits faithful to the warm versions of its “small” models.. So, after i10 refresh and his i20is preparing to restore it as well i30.

Our partners discovered one hidden nature i30 to be tested on public roads. At first glance it seems that the Koreans they will continue with the facelift version and not in the next generation, as the head of Hyundai Europe pointed out, Michael Colespeaking to Motor vehicle.

current, 3rd generationof small and medium style established in 2016while four years later, at the beginning of 2020, receive a facelift. All indications are that the i30 will agree new “refresh”so that it can remain competitive a few more yearsbefore the transition to electricity, at least for the markets of his countries European Union.

The hide heavy in many parts of the body, makes any conclusion safe about “restriction”. changes in its structure. However headlight bodies They don’t seem to have any difference, time trapezoidal mask seems to refer to the sports version The N line. On the other hand, panel what exists makes us believe that there will be change hood design.

To pass sideHyundai hides them doors and their handlesbut overall the silhouette doesn’t seem distinguishable from the existing version.

Until the back partstrong concealment expects to change in design, time the lights seem to vary, to be more rounded. However, it is possible that it is a form “smart” hide. Finally, we can distinguish that the dashboard is covered with panelsso there will be updates to the i30’s interior as well.

There is no update on it yet when can we expect the official presentation? and it remains to be seen what his “fate” will be “hot” version of the i30 Nabout its warm characterdue to implementation, from the summer of 2025, of strict Euro 7 emission standards.