Two new electric engines for the BMW i7 and i4 models!

Two new electric engines for the BMW i7 and i4 models!

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BMW is continuing its electrification initiatives at full speed. In addition to the new 5 Series, the brand introduced an electric version today. In addition to the new 5 Series, new electric motors were added to the i7 and i4 models a few days ago. Here are the details on the new BMW i4 xDrive 40, i7 eDrive 50 and 750e xDrive models…

Electric power continues to increase: i4 xDrive 40, i7 eDrive 50 and 750e xDrive

The xDrive version, which BMW fans call the “miniature M series”, has also been added to the BMW i4 Series. The new version, offered as the BMW i4 xDrive 40, will be positioned below the i4 M50. The i4 M50 will produce 536 hp, while the i4 xDrive 40 model will produce 396 hp. This engine will also have 443 Nm of acceleration torque.

Thanks to all these powerful features, the i4 xDrive 40 will go from 0 to 100 in 4.9 seconds. The car battery will support fast charging up to 205 kW. The i4 xDrive 40 will offer a range of 500 km with its 18-inch wheels, and 490 km in the model you buy with the 19-inch wheel option, without compromising on the sporty image, if you can compromise the image a little. for various economies.

The new BMW 5 Series has been introduced: Here is the design and features!

German automaker BMW introduced its new BMW 5 Series family. So what does the new generation 5 Series offer? Here are the details…

When it comes to powering the 7 Series, it comes with 2 new engine options. For the electric version of the Maybach S Series rival of the brand, 2 new options, also called the small M series, have been added. The first of these is the i7 eDrive 50 model. In the i7 family, there were 2 models with an eDrive version. These were the i7 eDrive 60 and i7 eDrive 70 models with two electric motors.

The i7 eDrive 50 model with one electric motor has been added to these. With this new engine option, the brand has added a more powerful and affordable 7 Series to the family. The i7 eDrive version will produce 449 hp. The car will go on sale in the summer of 2023.

In addition to the i7 eDrive 50 model, the 750e xDrive model joined the family. The 750e isn’t exactly an electric car. The brand will combine the conventional TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter 6-cylinder internal combustion engine producing 308 hp with an electric motor producing 194 hp. So, the 750e xDrive model will be a 7-wheel drive Series producing 483 hp.

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