Turkey’s Nippon adds new features to car insurance

Aiming to appeal to every income level with its Wide Insurance, Narrow Insurance and Smile Insurance packages, Türk Nippon Insurance aims to prioritize customer needs with the updates it has made to its insurance product. Explaining that Türk Nippon Sigorta offers products aimed at customers, Türk Nippon Sigorta General Manager Dr. E. Baturalp Pamukçu said, “We continue to design and update our products according to the needs of our customers. From the beginning of this year, we aim to be among the priority options for our customers by providing insurance for our cars, which we have changed, at a competitive price , anticipating that the demand for car insurance will increase. We aimed to appeal to the individual. Although the guarantees and support services differ in the car insurance product that we have divided into sections, we aim to increase our services. product comfort by providing economic benefits and benefits of the price we offer.”


Cotton; “If we want to explain in detail the design of the new car insurance product, our most important thing is to provide the necessary and correct guarantees to our customers in the face of the problems they may encounter. We have brought our prices to a very competitive level. with a discount of up to percent 40, especially in our car insurance product that makes us smile. We will continue to be on their side by protecting them from the bad events that they may experience, with minor repairs, roadside assistance, car repairs in Türk Nippon. The insurance got personal services, and guarantee of emergency medical assistance.”

Explaining that success is possible by working together, Pamukçu said, “One of the important issues we pay attention to is increasing customer satisfaction by acting in general with our employees, organizations and all our stakeholders. “We have a very high purchasing power. We continue with this logic in all our processes,” he said.