Turkey’s Most Luxurious Cars Announced

Turkey’s Most Luxurious Cars Announced

22? The cars displayed at the Istanbul Concours d’Elegance held on June 23 were evaluated by a jury consisting of local and foreign authorities who are experts in their fields. the jury that decides the award winners; Demir Berberoğlu, one of the important names of the automotive world, game Ekber Onuk, CEO of Onuk Taşıma A.Ş, which designs and manufactures cars, and designer of Kaan Onuk Assault Boats, Saydun Gökşin, President of Classic Cars Club, has 45 years of experience in classic cars and is a jury. member and consultant in the most important forum in the world. Judge of the ‘Eleganza Villa d’este and Mille Miglia, member of FIVA (Federation of Old Cars) Dominik Fischlin, founder of DK Engineering Englishman David Cottingham, owner of Oldtimer car showroom in Switzerland Reinhard Schmidlin. and automotive historian from Monterey California and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance referee Vaughn Andraco?

The Istanbul Concours d’Elegance attracted a lot of attention from car enthusiasts in its first year in Turkey!

The awards were judged based on scores given on criteria such as exterior appearance, interior design, originality and history. Among the cars that participated in the “Antiques” category for 1945 and before, the first is a 1933 BUICK 66C CONVERTIBLE belonging to the Rahmi Koç Museum, the second is a 1929 PACKARD EIGHT 633 from the Vural Ak collection , and the third is the collection of Murat and Selim Özgörkey and The oldest car in the event was the BUICK 16 ROADSTER model car from 1910. The 1955 MERCEDES 300 SL from the Ar Collection, which was the first of those who participated in the Istanbul Concours d’Elegance in the “Classics” category between 1946 and 1960, Second was Hasan İnsel’s 1960 MERCEDES BENZ 190 SL, and third was Şükrü Demirayak’s 1959 GM CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE. 1961 ?The winners of the 1970s “Collectables” category are as follows; Orhan Arsel’s 1963 MERCEDES BENZ 220 SE COUPE is the winner, Ar Collection’s 1968 Aston Martin DBS Vantage is second, and Murat Arif Suyabatmaz’s 1967 Jaguar is third . in the “Exotics” category from 1971 and over emerged as the fastest at the event. The winner of this category is Nicholas J. Papazoğlu’s 1980 FERRARI 308 GTS, second is Can Işık’s 1998 Lotus Esprit GT3, which is the only example in Turkey, and third is Gökhan Çetinsaya’s color changing car this category and nicknamed the chameleon 1998 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO ROADSTER… Every year, a car brand is selected in the Featured Brand category, and the brand’s most luxurious cars take their place in the event. Accordingly, the brand that appeared in the first year of the event was decided as Anadol, the foundation of Turkish car history. In the Featured Brand category attended by Anadols, Ahmet Kaan Onay’s 1973 model Anadol STC16 won first place, the 1975 production Otosan Insect, the last model of Anadols and belonging to the Rahmi Koç Museum, was second, the model of Ekrem Vardar’s 1973 Anadol STC16.’ their prize in third place.

A total of 60 cars were displayed at the Istanbul Concours d’Elegance, which is scheduled to be held annually by this year.

Guests attending the event also selected their favorites in the People’s Choice category, where approximately 30 vehicles participated. Model 1963 Mercedes, which belongs to Hasan Basri Temizkan, is one of the cars chosen by the audience. The Benz 190 SL won the award with the most votes.

Apart from all these awards, there were two other special awards that added color to the night. The Best of Show Award, decided by Işıklar Holding and presented by Rıza Kutlu Işık, went to the 1955 Mercedes 300SL, belonging to the Ar Collection, and the EDOX Special Award presented by Fatih Yaman, one of the sponsors of the event, went to Mercedes Benz of Aydın Harez of 1941. It is a Cabriolet.

Istanbul Concours d’Elegance, held at Küçüksu Pavilion, one of Istanbul’s most attractive and historic venues, also contributes to the prestige of Istanbul, a metropolis where two continents meet due to its historical and geographical location, tourism, economy and makes a great contribution to the world in terms of promotion.