Tucson and i30 only from stock.  Get rid of the Hyundai, take a break from the instructions

Tucson and i30 only from stock. Get rid of the Hyundai, take a break from the instructions

The Czech car market will experience a significant drop in new car sales. Registration in 2022 decreased by 7.15 percent, and in December it even decreased by 10.21 percent. There are some signs of a slowdown in consumer orders. At that time, Hyundai will have to do without new orders for its two flagship models, i30 and Tucson, for a while.

Both have undergone a generational change this year, known as a facelift. Booking an order is a common step, which is similar to that of car manufacturers. During the fall, it does not mean the end of work. Noovice Factory will offer both models for the first time. By summer, it should satisfy all the orders it has received so far.

I can confirm that around January there will be a possible suspension of i30 and Tucson orders in production due to the facelift plan for both models this year. It is a common point, which in this case is emphasized by the overhang of unproduced orders, explained David Pavlek, speaking to iDNES.cz.

It is also necessary to complete the pre-production vehicle in such a way that we can assure customers that we will be able to deliver the vehicle ordered to them before the start of production in the upgraded variant, thus avoiding changes in the specifications or price of the vehicle. There will be no shortage of new models. We know the preferences of Czech customers well, and we have a sufficient number of vehicles of the most popular configurations in stock to cover the demand until upgraded versions of both models are available. New order expected during the year.

Hyundai i30

All the other characters do the same. It is logically impossible to accept orders for the original model and until the last day before the production of the new or improved model is stopped. For orders, this is the best option, because they would have to wait a few months for trains a few times a day. Similarly, it is not possible to order the new generation, which is possible for some time until its price is published.

In particular, regarding Hyundai’s current restrictions, the dealers contacted agreed that this is not a big problem. We ordered enough stock cars in all equipment and operation levels, so we expect the same sales force as last year. With both keys, the Hyundai Tucson and i30 models will remain very wide, customers can choose the equipment and color that suits them from hundreds of cars available, according to Markta Vesel, Hyundai car sales editor from Louda Auto, the first dealership of Czech and Korean Characters.

With a light period of less than half a year, wholesale car companies choose a different strategy. For those transferring orders to a new model, let them buy a better car for the same pension. In some cases, however, the order is lost and the customer has to order the car completely again.

Closed order is not a big problem for private orders. Anyone who comes to the car showroom during this period will be given a car from the warehouse, which does not have the necessary real equipment to the last detail, but it is easy that the dealer will give him a discount and the car will be. ready for assembly immediately. In some cases, this is a problem for fleet customers, because the dealer does not have fifty or a hundred cars in stock per day. Such a customer then has to go to a competitor or pay a monthly fee.

But don’t worry about that for Hyundai. The normal ship purchase process took a long time, because of the comparison offers, etc., or if the customer accepts such a bid, we will automatically give him an improved offer. This means that even ship orders are not affected by the suspended production order, added David Pavlek.

Car maker Noovick Hyundai produced 322,500 cars last year

It was 47,500 cars more than last year, or 17.3 percent. Full year production is set at 328,500 vehicles, said Petr Michnk, CEO of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC). The speed of the production line increased from 65 to 66 cars per hour.

More cars came off the production line in Noovice than last year, the last time in 2018. Despite ongoing sales in supply and other negative external influences, carmaker Pekona has set a full production limit of 1,000 cars, Michnk said. To date, the strongest year for the car company was 2016, when it produced 358,400 vehicles.

In 2022, the Tucson model, which accounted for 72 percent of the total production of the Silesian plant, was the largest in terms of production. About two out of every five Tucson models produced are hybrid or plug-in variants.

The i30 model line lost 17 percent in production last year. Ostr vz Hyundai i30 N accounted for two percent of production. The vehicle portfolio from Noovica is completed by the Kona Electric vehicle, which accounted for nine percent of production, Michnk said. 40 percent of cars produced last year were electric cars, hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

Cars from Noovica traveled to 65 destinations last year, mainly Germany, England, Poland and France. Less than five percent of all production was intended for the Czech market. Tucson model in large size is suitable for Middle East and Middle East countries. The cars were built last year in Noovicch, but they drive like that. in Hong Kong, New Caledonia or the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar, Michnk said.

Changki Lee, who became the new president of HMMC on January 1, said that he will take orders for electric models. During the summer, we will also launch the production of the new generation of the Kona Electric model and expect to double the number of electric vehicles, the president said. As with other vehicles, the engineering team from Noovici is also working on the development of the Kona Electric model.

As part of the gradual transition to electrification, batteries for electric vehicles have been assembled in Noovice since November. The Mobis Automotive Czech company has started a new battery assembly operation in the premises of the former Pevodovkrna 2 hall, where two manual gearboxes were manufactured, Michnk said. In the neighboring hall of Pevodovkrna 1, manual transmission is visible, their biggest customer is the sister production plant Kia in Ilin.

The Noovice plant is Hyundai’s only production site in the European Union. The automaker has less than 3,200 employees, and another 8,700 employees work for their subcontractors. In 2021, the profit of the Noovick factory increased by 5.55 billion to 8.91 billion crowns, and the revenue increased by 26.5 billion to 140.42 billion crowns.