Toyota’s next-generation electric car will be the Lexus

Toyota’s next-generation electric car will be the Lexus

Toyota’s new CEO, who will take office on April 1, has announced that the next generation of electric vehicles to be produced by 2026 will be Lexus.

Japanese automaker Toyota has begun to take its first steps in the electric car market, but it is impossible to say that the company has started well in this area. If you remember, the company had to pull almost all of its electric cars from traffic last summer. On the other hand, the company has not been able to make a big impact in this area as it wanted. However, it seems that important steps will be taken to reverse this trend under the new management of the CEO.

On April 1, Toyota will undergo major changes. Koji Sato, who currently heads the company’s Lexus division, will assume his new role as CEO of the entire company on April 1. Although Sato will take over on April 1, he has already mapped out the company. Electric vehicles also play a very important role in this road map.

Giving information about its future plans, future CEO Koji Sato said that the company will introduce its new generation vehicles to consumers by 2026 and that these new generation electric vehicles will be produced under the Lexus brand. he announced. Therefore, the company aims to accelerate the production of electric vehicles and reduce costs.

Currently in the electric car market with the bZ4X and Subaru Solterra EV, Toyota plans to rapidly increase the number of electric car models in the coming years. The Lexus RZ 450e SUV currently being built will be one of them, but the “next generation” electric car Sato is talking about is not the Lexus RZ 450e SUV.

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