Toyota Yaris PcD 2024 is offered with a discount of R$ 17,893

Toyota Yaris PcD 2024 is offered with a discount of R$ 17,893

O Toyota Yaris PCD it has only been launched in its 2024 line, entering the market without major changes. The “Fipe Carros” website, exclusively, got the news and, as soon as it was launched, it is available to people with disabilities who can buy a car with zero kilometers and tax exemption. The hatchback and sedan have a 1.5 XL CVT version under the ICMS ceiling of R$ 100,000. Other versions can only be obtained by the public PCD at the IPI discount.

The biggest change in the 2024 list was the same in the price table. O yaris hatch in its 1.5 XL CVT version, there was a price increase of R$ 130.00, the smallest adjustment of all. The 1.5 XS CVT configuration was priced at BRL 108,890, compared to the current BRL 113,150.00, an increase of BRL 4,250. Finally, the top of the line 1.5 XLS CVT configuration, cost BRL 120,890, and, with an additional BRL 3,960, sold for BRL 124,850.00.

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O Toyota Yaris Sedan had revisions in two finished versions. The 1.5 XL CVT had its price saved compared to the previous one. The 1.5 XS CVT model could be purchased for BRL 112,890, and, after the increase in the list price, it now costs BRL 116,720.00, an increase of BRL 3,830. The last configuration is the 1.5 XLS CVT, which increased to R $ 3,630.

As for the engine, all hatch and sedan configurations continue to have a 1.5 Flexfuel engine, Dual VVT-i DOHC, which produces up to 110 hp of power using ethanol and, with gasoline, power in terms of hp reaches 105. In all cases two, the maximum torque is up to 14.3 kgf.m at 5600 rpm. According to information from Inmetro, the hatch can do 8.8 km/l in the urban cycle and 10 km/l in the road cycle using ethanol, while the sedan has an average of 9.0 km/l in the city and 10.6 on the road. With gasoline, the hatch does up to 12.6 km / l in the urban route and 13.8 km / l on the highway, against 13 km / l in the city and 14.5 km / l on the sedan road.

O yaris it has standard equipment and several features, including the Toyota Play+ multimedia center that has a 7-inch touchscreen, AM/FM function, MP3, USB input (located in the center console), Bluetooth and connectivity for smartphones and tablets via SDL mirrors. , Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The car also has exterior door handles and front and rear bumpers in the same color as the car, 15-inch alloy wheels with silver hubcaps, continuous electric power steering (EPS), electronic stability control ( VSC), electronic traction control. (TRC) and seven airbags (front, side, curtain and knee). The car key has integrated controls for opening and closing the doors and alarm, as well as an on-board computer with 12 functions.

Updated prices of Toyota Yaris PcD 2024 in May 2023:

toyota yaris hatchback

*IPI exemption + ICMS equivalent

Settings wholesale prices PWD price discount
1.5 XL CVT BRL 99,920.00 BRL 82,096.85* – BRL 17,823.15
1.5 XS CVT BRL 113,150.00 BRL 100,932.76 – BRL 12,217.24
1.5 XLS CVT BRL 124,850.00 BRL 111,738.08 – BRL 13,111.92

Toyota Yaris Sedan

*IPI exemption + ICMS equivalent

An example wholesale prices prices of PCD discount
1.5 XL CVT BRL 99,990.00 BRL 82,096.85* -BRL 17,893.15
1.5 XS CVT BRL 116,720.00 BRL 104,165.14 – BRL 12,554.86
1.5 XLS CVT BRL 129,520.00 BRL 116,023.42 – BRL 13,496.58