Toyota Yaris gets a facelift in 2023, what is the cheapest Honda City hatchback?

Toyota Yaris gets a facelift in 2023, what is the cheapest Honda City hatchback? – PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) a few days ago launched the Toyota Yaris facelift 2023, precisely on Wednesday (10/5/2023).

Although it is only a small change, the Toyota Yaris 2023 has several changes in the interior and exterior.

However, unfortunately there is no change in the engine sector provided by Toyota.

On the exterior, Toyota Yaris 2023 now has Black Grill Color which makes this hatchback look more sophisticated.

The Toyota Yaris facelift also has new color options (two tones), complementing the existing options.

Toyota Yaris 2023 now has three single-tone color options, which are Super White II, Attitude Black Mica, and Gray Mica.

Apart from that, there are also three two-tone options, which are Black + Super White II, Black + Red Mica Metallic, and Black + Orange Mica Metallic.

The sporty look of the Honda City Hatchback competitor is also further accentuated by the installation of the New Striped Tape.

Turning to the interior, the Toyota New Yaris has a New Comprehensive Information System that can be connected to a smartphone.

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Toyota Yaris facelift 2023 can be bought on credit.

Then the screen size of the head unit is now larger from 7 inches to 9 inches Audio + AACP, and HU Audio Opening Column of 9 inches.

Not only that, the hatchback which has entered its 17th year in Indonesia has also been equipped with a Panoramic View Monitor feature.

Not only that, Toyota also offers new upholstery materials, which now use half cloth, half leather for three variants of airbags, and full leather for seven variants of airbags.

As a way of offering better customer service, Toyota New Yaris 2023 is supported by telematics technology, T-Intouch.

Through the mToyota app, car owners can connect with the car and get various information.

From service reminders, vehicle information, Find My Car, to Toyota Call Center and Roadside Assistance services to provide Peace of Mind services to provide a Total Ownership Experience to customers.

Speaking of pricing, the 2023 Toyota Yaris is priced from IDR 326.1 million on-road (OTR) at DKI Jakarta.

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So, compared to the Honda City Hatchback, which is unfortunately its biggest competitor, who is cheaper?

So, just in case you’re not interested, here’s a price comparison of Toyota Yaris 2023 vs Honda City Hatchback in May 2023:

Toyota Yaris 2023:

Type Price
1.5 SM/T GR Sport 3 Airbags One Tone IDR 326.1 million
1.5 SM/T GR Sport 3 Bi-Tone Airbags IDR 330.1 million
1.5 S CVT GR Sport 3 Airbags One Tone IDR 338.2 million
1.5 S CVT GR Sport 3 Bi-Tone Airbags IDR 342.2 million
1.5 S CVT GR Sport 7 Airbags One Tone IDR 345 million
1.5 S CVT GR Sport 7 Bi-Tone Airbags IDR 349 ​​million

Honda City Hatchbacks:

Honda City Hatchback RS Diagram with Honda Sensing

Type Price
M/T IDR 343,600,000
CVT IDR 353,600,000
CVT with Sensing IDR 373,600,000

*Prices are taken from the official website of each manufacturer, Saturday (13/5/2023

*On-the-road price (OTR) DKI Jakarta

*Prices are not binding, they may go up or down at any time