Toyota Yaris Cross Global Debut in Indonesia, Using Avanza-Veloz Engine

Toyota Yaris Cross Global Debut in Indonesia, Using Avanza-Veloz Engine

The Yaris Cross exhibits distinctive facial aesthetics when compared to its counterparts in other countries while maintaining consistency in its overall body design.

Indonesia has been selected as the prestigious location for the global debut of Toyota’s latest model, the All-New Yaris Cross, following the successful introductions of previous models like the Agya. This momentous occasion took place in Kuningan, South Jakarta. The Indonesian market is presented with two options for this remarkable vehicle.

The first option boasts a 2NR-VE (regular) petrol engine, which is also utilized in the Advance and Veloz variants. The second option offers a hybrid variant. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has provided a price range estimation between IDR 300 million to IDR 400 million and beyond.

Under the hood, the petrol-powered Yaris Cross is equipped with the formidable 2NR-VE engine, aptly named the “millionaire.” This engine showcases a sophisticated design featuring a DOHC system, dual VVT-i technology, and four cylinders. Its bore and stroke dimensions measure 72.5 mm x 90.6 mm. With these specifications, the piston mechanism generates an impressive power output of 106 PS at 6,000 rpm, accompanied by a peak torque of 138 Nm at 4,200 rpm. The power is efficiently transmitted to the front wheels through either a CVT or a 5-speed manual transmission system.

Toyota Yaris Cross SUV

The second option, the Yaris Cross HEV, is equipped with a 1,500 cc engine, employing second-generation Toyota Hybrid System technology. This cutting-edge powertrain offers a remarkable maximum torque of 91 PS, complemented by a peak torque of 120 Nm. Additionally, an electric motor contributes an impressive output of up to 80 PS and 141 Nm. The power is skillfully channeled through an advanced e-CVT transmission, while a lithium-ion battery fuels the hybrid system, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency.