Toyota price list 2023: Zero Toyota prices

Toyota price list 2023: Zero Toyota prices

Toyota shared its updated price list for May 2023. In the list, which also includes the new Toyota Corolla family, we see an increase of almost 8 percent compared to the model. Well, and rising prices; 2023 how much is the price of Toyota? How many shillings are the new Toyota car prices? Let’s take a closer look at the model price lists.

Toyota is undoubtedly the most popular model in our country. Corolla Sedan. Price last month with the launch of the facelifted Corolla From 723,250 TL it was starting. First digit price in May for 781.150 TL rose. Again, the entry-level automatic version 1.5 Vision Corolla was sold for 754.800 TL in April. The price of this version has also increased to 815,150 TL.

offered for sale in the past few months. Toyota Corolla CrossThe price of , from May 2023, starts at the level of 1.143.500 TL. The model, which can be recommended with the 1.8 hybrid engine, is offered in Moto and Passion trim levels. The price of the Passion X-Pack, the most expensive version of the Toyota Corolla Cross, has increased to 1,353,100 TL as of May.

Here’s to 2023 Toyota May price list šŸ”½

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