Toyota is the best-selling car company in the world in 2022. The most requested model is worth a million directly –

Toyota is the best-selling car company in the world in 2022. The most requested model is worth a million directly –

As in Europe, global sales of new passenger cars also declined. But Toyota is doing well in difficult times and has several representatives among the ten most sought-after cars, it is also understandable in the first place.

The global automotive industry is in a tumultuous period full of changes, difficult obstacles and the development of new players. Current trends are well illustrated by international car sales statistics compiled by JATO Dynamics.

In 2022, 79.4 million cars were sold worldwide, which is less than two percent year-on-year. Major markets such as China, Europe and North America recorded a decline in interest. Automakers fared better in other developing regions, such as Africa, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, partially offsetting the losses.

The best-selling car worldwide was the Toyota RAV4 with 1,016,000 units, of which 43% went to North America and Canada. It is therefore no surprise that Toyota became the world’s largest brand last year with a 13% share of global registrations representing a year-on-year improvement of 0.3%. After all, the top ten also contains the Corolla sedan (2nd place, 990,000 registrations), the MPV Camry (5th place, 673,000 registrations), the off-road Hilux (6th place, 632,000 registrations) and the Corolla Crossover (position of 8. , 530,000 registrations).

In the Czech Republic, Toyota ranked fourth last year with 12,267 registrations, an improvement of nearly 19% year-on-year. Czechs were more interested in Corolla (2177 registration) and then RAV4 (2093 registration). Currently, Toyota holds the position behind Volkswagen, Hyundai and the first Škoda. But the RAV4 fell behind the Corolla, Yaris and Proace.

The best-selling cars in the world for 2022
Order An example Registration Unlike 2021
1. Toyota RAV4 1,016,000 -10%
2. Toyota Corolla Sedan 992,000 -10%
3. Tesla Model Y 747,000 91%
4. Honda CR-V 733,000 -18%
5. Toyota Camry 673,000 -1%
6. Toyota Hilux 632,000 13%
7. Nissan Sentra 566,000 -18%
8. Toyota Corolla Cross 530,000 221%
9. Ford F-150 525,000 -5%
10. Tesla model 3 482,000 -3%

Returning to international statistics, the top ten is generally dominated by Japanese cars. In addition to Toyota, Honda and Nissan are represented here. Among American products, the third place was defended by Tesla Model Y with 747,000 registrations, and the tenth place was added by Model 3 with 482,000 registrations. Ford pushed the F-150 here, which took ninth place with 525,000 registrations.

On the other hand, in the table of the best, we do not see any representative of the concern of Volkswagen, whose sales decreased by 10% last year. Slowdowns were also recorded by the Hyundai and Kia brands, the Stellantis group and General Motors.

The most rapid increase is announced by the Chinese car manufacturer BYD, which last year became the fastest growing brand, whose share increased from 1.5% to 2.42%. This made it the second largest manufacturer of electric vehicles after Tesla. Globally, 7.37 million electric vehicles were sold last year (2.9 million more year-on-year), while pure battery models accounted for 9.3%.

The best selling cars 2022 take part in major markets
Order An example China USA+Canada Europe
1. Toyota RAV4 33% 43% 9%
2. Toyota Corolla Sedan 53% 22% 6%
3. Tesla Model Y 44% 34% 19%
4. Honda CR-V 52% 36% 2%
5. Toyota Camry 40% 45% 1%
6. Toyota Hilux 0% 0% 6%
7. Nissan Sentra 80% 15% 0%
8. Toyota Corolla Cross 42% 12% 0%
9. Ford F-150 0% 97% 0%
10. Tesla model 3 28% 47% 19%