Toto Wolff (Mercedes): Declaration of war against Ferrari / Formula 1

Toto Wolff (Mercedes): Declaration of war against Ferrari / Formula 1

The Mercedes team missed the chance in Las Vegas to collect important World Championship points in the fight for second place in the World Championship. Team boss Toto Wolff knows: Ferrari is close. However, he is a fighter.

With 7th and 8th positions, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were able to collect ten World Championship points in Las Vegas. Team boss Toto Wolff is confident that the team could have done better. However, he looks back fondly on the second-to-last weekend of the season.

“Las Vegas was an amazing experience. “We saw great racing, it was a very interesting and overall Grand Prix that really helped raise the profile of the sport in the United States,” he says happily. “Everyone has worked really hard to make the Grand Prix a success. like this and credit goes to everyone involved.”

“It was a case of ‘what if’ for us on the road. The pace of the car was intense. Without much contact, Lewis and George could have fought for the podium,” Viennese admits in retrospect.

And considering the World Championship battle with Ferrari for second place in the constructors’ championship, Wolff adds: “Ferrari have reduced the gap in the constructors’ championship to four points and we are ready to give everything in Abu Dhabi to win against them. They have shown such a good level. recently, but we know we haven’t reached our full potential in the last few races. It’s going to be a close battle and hopefully we can finish the season with a good game ahead of them.”

World Championship Standings (after 21 of 22 Grand Prix)

the driver
01. Verstappen 549 points
02. Perez 273
03. Hamilton 232
04. Sainz 200
05. Alonso 200
06. Norris 195
07. Leclerc 188
08. Russell 160
09. Plate 89
10. Walk 73
11. Gas 62
12. Ocon 58
13. Albon 27
14. Tsunoda 13
15. Bota 10
16. Hulkenberg 9
17. Ricciardo 6
18. Zhou 6
19. Magnussen 3
20. Lawson 2
21. 1 Sergeant
22. De Vries 0

Builders Cup
01. Red Bull Racing 822 Punkte
02. Mercedes 392
03. Ferrari 388
04. McLaren 284
05. Aston Martin 273
06. Alpine 120
07. Williams 28
08. AlphaTauri 21
09. Alfa Romeo 16
10. Haas 12