Toprak Stuck Forever on Superbike, Impossible to Return to MotoGP – runganSport

Toprak Stuck Forever on Superbike, Impossible to Return to MotoGP – runganSport

Toprak Razgatlioglu (GET Yamaha) Superbike 2023 / runganSport © Twitter/Toprak Razgatlioglu.

Toprak Razgatlioglu chose to stay in Superbike with BMW from next year, this made it difficult for him to switch to MotoGP again.

London, RunganSportOne of the biggest surprises of the season was the announcement of a Turkish rider, Toprak Razgatlioglu who chose to stay in Superbike.

Toprak left Yamaha and moved to BMW starting next season.

This decision means that Toprak may have another chance to move to MotoGP with Yamaha.

Also, because he will defend BMW, his future will still be in Superbike, considering that BMW has never considered joining MotoGP.

Toprak’s place in MotoGP was clear when he tested the Yamaha M1 some time ago at the Jerez circuit.

But now it seems that he will be confined to Superbike for a long time, there is no longer any possibility of him breaking into MotoGP, as happened with Jonathan Rea in the past.

“The Jerez test is very important for the future of Toprak MotoGP, isn’t it? (Yamaha) would basically say; ‘Okay, see if you like MotoGP bikes, see if you’re fast enough’.

The problem is that, as we saw even with Fabio Quartararo, the Yamaha is a very difficult bike to ride.

So who knows what would have happened if Toprak had the chance to test a Ducati MotoGP bike, for example, for just a few days.” say Editor MotoGP, Pete McLaren discussing his views on the weekly Podcast

“But Toprak made his decision. If he said Ducati or Honda in WorldSBK, you would say, ‘Oh, there’s still a way to MotoGP’. But there is no BMW interest in MotoGP, so it is Toprak who will define his future in Superbikes.” continue Ring

“Some people will say it’s about money, but Toprak could make more money if he went to MotoGP with a factory contract, even with a satellite team. Things like helmets and suits, suppliers, and private sponsors, also pay more money if you’re in MotoGP.

So I think Toprak chose his favorite championship, but he has a big challenge for sure. There have been many good drivers at BMW over the years and they are still waiting for a name. So this is an opportunity for Toprak to make history.

But surprisingly I think Yamaha lost him not only in MotoGP, but also in World Superbikes. so Pete added. (rs/gp)