Top picks for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 wheel covers (Save 10%)

Top picks for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 wheel covers (Save 10%)

Want to upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y? United States TesloidWheel covers turn heads while protecting your rims. Together, Electrek readers save only 10% by using the promo code WHEEL WEAR.

Model 3 drivers have great options in Iconvince and Sport wheel covers, and for Model Ys, Tesloid offers beauty Blade, Viking, Turbineand Introduction wheel covers.

And good news, Electrek readers! Tesloid is giving you a special 10% discount on its wheel covers when you use a promo code WHEEL WEAR:

Cool Tesla Model 3 and Model Y wheel covers

Tesloid Model 3 Sport Wheel Covers for 18 inch Aero wheels

If you drive a Model 3, you probably bought the 18-inch Aero Wheels instead of paying the extra $1,500 for the 19-inch Sport Wheels. And if you’re a Model Y driver, you probably opted for the 19-inch Gemini wheels because you didn’t want to shell out $2,000 extra for 20 Inch Wheels. We get.

Now you can have your cake and eat it, too: Tesloid Wheel Covers are precision repair products that won’t break the bank. 3D scanning technology ensures that ABS covers are designed to fit perfectly, and can be installed in less than a minute each.

Not only do they look sharp, but you also get the extra protection of the rim against rash to deal with the large radius of the wheel covers.

Also, wheel covers give you better range efficiency than no covers, so you get more mileage out of each charge. Tesloid wheel covers also come with a storage bag, so you can store away and protect your original wheel covers.

Electrek Readers Save 10%

Tesla Y turbine Wheel Covers for Gemini 19 inches

Tesloid wheel covers are a high quality product at a good price. Electrek readers can take advantage of Tesloid’s exclusive 10% discount by entering the promo code. WHEEL WEAR at the links below.

About Tesloid

Check out Tesloid’s other local and international offerings – is the perfect one-stop shop for Tesla owners. The company was founded by a small team of engineers and enthusiasts working out of Toronto and Union City, California. They are passionate Tesla owners, so they listened to other Tesla owners at meetings and then created products that everyone wanted. It’s all about quality – if it’s not well made, Tesloid won’t sell it.

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