Today: The first meeting of the Acropolis in the WRC and Schumacher’s “parking lot” in Monaco

Today: The first meeting of the Acropolis in the WRC and Schumacher’s “parking lot” in Monaco

The world of F1 and motorsport is full of interesting events and stories that will forever be etched in our memories. Let’s look at the most important of the day.

Today is a very important day for the world of motor sports and you will read why below. In the world of Formula 1 we continue at the pace of Monaco, while in Greece motorsport is also celebrating and has a great reason.

Read below what happened Like today27/5, in the world of Formula 1 and motor sports.

Like today in 1923The first 24 Hours of Le Mans, France in speed racing history was completed, and André Lagas and Rene Leonard emerge the winner driving a Chenard-Walcker car. The two Frenchmen completed the marathon on the legendary Chartres circuit at an average speed of over 90km/h.

Like today, also in 1973infamy was completed first Acropolis Rally in the context of World Rally Championship (WRC). The winner was French Jean-Luc Terrier, driving an Alpine-Renault A110. It beat the Fiat Abarth 124 Rauno Altonenalong with his other Alpine Jean-Pierre Nicolas. Only 11 cars finished in the event, with Greece’s top finish coming in 9th The psychology of Ioannis and Andreas Papatriandafillouwith a Toyota Corolla.

Like today in 1979Ya Jody Schechter started from a good position in the Monaco GP and dominated state by state and won. His guide to South Africa Ferrari side on stage Regaccioni of clay of Williams who had a strong race from 16th place, as well Carlos Reutman and Lotus. This match was the last for the deceased James Hunt in F1.

Like today in 1990late Ayrton Senna it won on the streets of the Principality of Monaco for the fourth time, winning the race despite engine problems on the final lap. The promising Jean Alesi put in another impressive display for Tyrrell, starting third and finishing just behind Senna in second after his retirement. Alain Prost. The podium was “closed” by Gerhard Berger.

Like today in 2001Scuderia Ferrari made the result 1-2 at the Monaco GP and Michael Schumacher taking his fifth victory on the streets of Administration. THE Rubens Barrichello finished behind him, while o Eddie Irvine he recorded Jaguar’s first F1 podium and finished third.

Like today in 2006, the Monaco Doctor’s qualifying tests were hampered by Michael Schumacher’s careless approach to “parking” his car at Raskas corner. The German Ferrari driver was in a good position to stop, but his final lap was not quite his own Fernando Alonso which was a little behind. So he decided to fake the game manager in Raskas and stopped in the middle of the track, preventing the Renault Spaniard from improving his effort. After heavy criticism from many names in the sport and beyond, Schumacher’s times were canceled and the German started the next day from the pit lane.

Like today in 2007Ya Fernando Alonso dominated from pole position in the Monaco GP and overtook the young rookie Lewis Hamiltonwith him Filipe Massa. McLaren may have been unopposed over the three-day period, but the situation within the team became tense when the two drivers implicitly accepted the team’s orders under the pretext of preserving the team’s 1-2 result and not fighting. .

Like today in 2012Ya Mark Webber he won the Monaco GP to become the sixth different winner in the first six races of the season, an unprecedented feat in F1 history. Its Australian Red Bull Racing on the side of the stage and Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso, in a race in which the top six in the standings finished by just 6 seconds when they tried to service their tires. The highlight of the three-day competition was the unexpected position it had won Michael Schumacher with a Mercedes. However, the German legend had to start from 6th position due to the penalty he carried from the Spanish GP.

Like today in 2018Ya Daniel Ricardo “returning his blood” for his offense Red Bull Racing which denied him victory in 2016 and took the Monaco GP. In fact, the Australian had to manage a problem with the energy recovery system and drove too many laps with little power in his engine. In the end, he didn’t just put her back Sebastian Vettel, but he also managed to build a safe margin so that he would not be stopped at the end of the race. THE Lewis Hamilton completed the podium.

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