To make the popular car usable, automakers will recreate ‘naked’ versions

The recipe is old. For make cars cheaper present values, and place them within the values ​​and requirements of the federal government’s fiscal stimulus package, which aims to restore famous car, car manufacturers should revive the “naked” models. This is the name given to cars that left the factory without equipment. Who does not remember nostalgic Fiat Mille It is Volkswagen Golf, for example, that until the 2000s came without additional equipment? And it was normal.


Today, things are not going well. The user will not leave things like air conditioner, for example. Raising the windows on the crank and locking the car with the key, then, became unthinkable. Not to mention that, at a time when the few existing phones did not have any kind of interaction with the car, there was another habit. It used to be common for cassette players, CD players or even to put the plug in place of the sound system for years.

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It is for these and other reasons that some experts, as reported by Car magazine last week, don’t believe it the return of the famous car. Even because, with the impossibility of removing other equipment (such as mandatory airbags and ABS brakes, for example), many consumers will prefer to decide on a complete used car than to buy a bare zero.

Peugeot has a promotion

But, considering customers who prefer the smell of a new car and don’t opt ​​for second-hand models, there are already car makers who are upping the ante to make their cars cheaper. A peugeotfor example, he began to give 208 Like from BRL 69,990.

The entry-level hatch, with a three-cylinder Firefly 1.0 engine and a five-speed manual transmission, lost some things to this extent. Now, those who want accessories such as a multimedia center with a 10.3-inch screen and wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple Carplay, daytime running lights with LEDs (DRL), a multifunction steering wheel and electric mirrors (previously usually), they need to use R$ 3,000 extra. Thus, these items moved to the optional Pack Tech package, which adds R$ 3,000 – total: R$ 72,990.


However, the Peugeot 208 Like is more naked than before, but it continues to come with interesting content. It has, for example, a digital climate control, a ramp exit assistant and electric front windows. It should be noted that the amount is paid in up to 72 installments. And Peugeot also has a zero interest offer, in 24 installments, for all 208 and 2008 versions. JCthe automaker confirmed that the promotion will continue until the end of this month.

Understand the government’s incentive program

This Thursday morning (25), the government announced a package of measures to return the “popular car” to the Brazilian market. According to the vice president and minister of Industry and Trade, Geraldo Alckmin, in the coming weeks there will be a decree, through a Temporary Action, which promises to reduce the Industrial Goods Tax (IPI) and PIS/Cofins for cars. price up to BRL 120 thousand.

According to Alckmin, these cars, like Renault Kwid, Fiat Mobi It is Citroen C3, for example – which costs around R $ 70 thousand -, will have values ​​under R $ 60,000 after the discount. For this, there will be a reduction in the tax burden from 1.5% to a maximum of 10.96%. However, the reduction will take into account products such as energy efficiency (those that have less polluting and more economical engines) and the nationalization index (more national areas, lower taxes).

Chevrolet / Disclosure

Now, it’s in the hands of the automakers. That is, it is expected that entry-level chicks, which are specimens that meet the requirements specified by the government, will benefit the most. In this way, examples like Chevrolet Onyx, Fiat Argo, Hyundai HB20, Peugeot 208 It is volkswagen polo track will have a greater discount. O Car magazine made an estimate of how much a popular car will cost in Brazil (see here).

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