to know what it is worth or not

to know what it is worth or not

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

The new Citroen C3 Feel 1.0 surprises in our city and highway evaluation. We didn’t expect much from this mid-size model with a 3-cylinder engine from Fiat, but it proved its low fuel consumption and performed well. The question is: was it worth leaving the old 1.2 engine?

Even in the Feel version, the New C3 1.0 is one of the most accessible cars in Brazil. It costs BRL 83,990, a difference of BRL 3,000 more than the Citroën C3 Live Pack 1.0. For the base C3 Live the difference is even greater: R$ 11,000.

But in relation to the entry-level automatic C3 (Feel 1.6), the difference is also large, R $ 8,000, so it is worth checking the cost effectiveness of this car.

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

What’s new

The New C3 is bigger than the old one and looks more square. Citroen C3 grew in length (+3.7 cm), width (+2.5 cm), length (+6.5 cm) and wheelbase (+8 cm). And the trunk went from 300 to 315 liters.

Fiat’s 1.0 Firefly engine was fitted to the Citroën C3 thanks to the partnership between the Stellantis brands. With only 3 cylinders, this engine is less powerful than the old PSA 1.2, also with 3 cylinders, which produced 84 hp with gasoline and 90 hp with ethanol.

what we like

The dynamic performance of the New C3 was the best surprise of this car. It is not a champion of speed, but it offers a good suspension setup, with good balance in curves and a lot of comfort when driving, on the road and in the troubled streets of our daily life.

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

Low fuel consumption is a positive thing, but it is also a step that could be better (see below). The engine has less vibrations than other three-cylinder cars, which shows the care of the build.

The 10″ multimedia on top of the panel is a product that should please many users. The connection of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is wireless, which is another example of Citroën’s attention to a young and connected audience.

The interior space of the New Citroen is really a big differentiator of the car, which sets itself in style to its predecessor and will be able to differentiate itself from the competition in the entry-level hatchback segment.

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

The adjustment of the steering wheel is only for height, but still Citroën C3 Feel 1.0 offers a good driving position. The seat does not cause fatigue during the trip and has a very high H-point (hip), which currently appeals to many users.

As long as the consumer is aware that he is in a car with less power, it is possible to travel in a respectable way with the Citroën C3 Feel 1.0. Without forcing the engine too much, it goes well at 100 km/h and this avoids the risk of speeding tickets.

what can improve

The absence of a tachometer is the penalty of this Citroen C3. A car with less power needs to change gears at the right time so as not to increase consumption.

A digital dashboard is a huge mess of numbers. It is definitely one of the worst in the world, as the numbers are piled up and close together and the reading is terrible. The New C3 certainly deserves a better instrument cluster.

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

Oil consumption is good, but it could be better. After all, with the old 1.2 engine, Citroen did the same 13.2 km / l with ethanol and reached 14.8 km / l with gasoline. And the car had 1 second faster in accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h (which is now done in a long time of 14 seconds).

Power by KLM

The Fiat 1.0 engine gives only 71 hp of power with gasoline and 75 hp with ethanol, that is, -13 hp and -15 hp than the old PSA 1.2, respectively. Therefore, it should be even more economical. Maximum torque is 105 Nm. In technical terms for the customer, the switch is not worth it.

The New C3 1.0 has a B rating in Inmetro. For gasoline, it does 13.2 km / l in the city and 14.5 km / l on the highway. With ethanol, it does 9.5 km / l in the city and 10.3 km / l on the highway. Interestingly, it has been entered in the Compact Sport Utility Vehicle category, even though it is a hatchback and should be in the Compact category.

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

Classes [pela categoria]

Performance – 4 (typical)

Uses – 8 (very good)

Driving ability – 8 (very good)

Comfort – 6 (good)

Uses – 10 (good)

Connection – 10 (good)



Citroen C3 Feel 1.0 is worth buying for its fuel economy, interior space, suspension comfort and design. But we also recommend considering the Live Pack 1.0 version, as it costs BRL 3,000 less and only has steering wheel height adjustment, electric rear windows, electric mirrors and alloy wheels (which are convenience or design items).

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide

Dimensions and capabilities

Height: 3.981 m

Width: 1.733 m

Height: 1,586 m

Wheel base: 2,540 m

Trunk: 315 liters

Tank: 47 liters

Tires: 195/65 R15

The new Citroen C3 is a hatchback, but it drives like an SUV

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Citroen C3 Live 1.0 – BRL 72,990

Citroën C3 Live Pack 1.0 – BRL 80,990

Citroen C3 Feel 1.0 – BRL 83,990

Citroen C3 First Edition Bitom 1.0 – BRL 88,990

Citroen C3 Sensation 1.6 – BRL 91,990

Citroen C3 Feel 1.6 AT – BRL 97,790

Citroen C3 First Edition Bitom 1.6 AT – R$ 102,490

Citroen C3 Emotion 1.0

Photo: Sergio Quintanilha / Car Guide