To be launched in India, the Honda Elevate is said to be available in Japan

To be launched in India, the Honda Elevate is said to be available in Japan

MAY 26, 2023@16:30 WIB | 48 comments

The Honda Elevate will soon be launched in India as a small SUV to take on the Kia Sonet and Nissan Magnite, among other names. Well, it is said that this car will be available and sold in the Japanese market. Even this car was caught on camera being tested on the streets of Japan.

Reported by Rushlane, Friday (26/5/2023), from the pictures circulating, it can be seen that the car is similar to the Elevate model that will be available in India. For example, the shape of the long bonnet, the C-pillar which is similar to the SUV Coupe, and the use of a spoiler with a sporty look.

Although it is still covered with camouflage stickers, you can see a little use of the design of the narrow front and rear lights that are slightly merged to show the shape of this car. It does not end there that you can see the use of large tires and wheels, which are probably 17 inches in size, as well as the presence of roof rails on top of the car.

Many think that the Honda Elevate is the same car as the Honda WR-V around Indonesia. However, Honda said that although this car is on the same base as the BR-V, it has a different presence and target market compared to the WR-V. And this car is also planned to be organized as a global product.

So, if you look in the mirror from the specifications of the car that will be launched in India, the Honda Elevate, which will be available in Japan, will not be much different from the specifications in India. For example, in terms of features, this car will have a sunroof, a head unit that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as the Honda Sensing radar feature, which is still based on a stereo camera without an additional radar on the front hood.

As for the engine, it is said that the Indian and Japanese versions of the Honda Elevate will use the latest generation DOHC 1,500 cc engine. The power output reaches 121 Ps and 145 NM of torque with a CVT transmission of the front drive. [edo/timBX]