Tina Turner and her love for the two Jaguars she had in her garage

Tina Turner and her love for the two Jaguars she had in her garage

THE Tina Turner he was known for his incredible talent in music, the unparalleled beauty of his voice, but also his turbulent life. Great singer and songwriter passed away on May 24, at his home in Switzerlandleaving him behind 4 childrena streak of success and an artistic legacy like no other.

His successful career, as well as his personal life, have been written about, by the media and by him autobiography he, My Love Story. From a young age, to his shocking divorce and great guitarist and songwriter Ike Turnerthere are few parts of his life that have not been dramatized in a documentary, book or paparazzi lens.

One of the things that he “did not have light” especially, except in the last years of his life, is his love for cars and especially for Jaguars. America’s legendary passion for driving and freedom which he gave him, was very important to him, as he wrote his book in 2018.

“It may sound silly, but one of my favorite ways, and secret pleasure, was to drive my Jaguars. I loved it because it was something I could do alone, one of the few times I could be alone and be free.” special.

It is white Jaguar XJ6 and one of silver Jaguar XKE roadsterwhich played an important role in his life, before and after her divorce from Ike. The first was his gift Sammy Davis Jrto please him Turner who honored him with his presence at one of his concerts Las Vegas in 1970.

“Other artists show their gratitude by sending flowers, but Sammy was open-hearted and always went above and beyond.

“He told my assistant, Rhonda, that he wanted to surprise me by bringing me a car, I think a Mercedes-Benz, but he told her that I really liked English cars. And suddenly, as if by magic, a white Jaguar XJ6 was waiting for me outside my hotel.” wrote the singer. According to him, this stage of Davis Jr“it sparked his passion for fast cars.”

His collection was expanded in 1973while her then husband, Ike Turnergave him one as a gift Jaguar XKE roadsterwriting on the license plate ‘1 TINA’. “I’ll never forget the first time I got behind the wheel and walked out of the dealership,” he said about it.

“It was evening and foggy when I drove a silver Jaguar down Wilshire Boulevard. As far as I knew, there was no one else on the road – just me, driving with the windows down, looking and feeling amazing.

“I still hear the sound of the engine, the ‘broom’ that meant it was my Jaguar ready to take me where I wanted. I knew I could never push it to its limit, but I had the adrenaline rush that car enthusiasts get.”

Tina Turner and her husband, Ike Turner

The 1976,, Tina has been submitted file for divorce from Ikewho from in the early 1970s he was addicted to cocaine, which was affecting his relationship with her badly. The application was completed on 1978at any time the case of the division of the property of the spouses. Turner was able to retain his stage name “Tina Turner”which she had taken from her husband, as her real name was Anna Mae Bullock.

Along with the name, the singer kept both of his Jaguarbut stay with crumbs in his bank account. “It seems so funny to me now: I had no money for food, rent or other necessities, I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills, but I had two Jugs!” He said, remembering the day of the trial.