Those who buy electric cars drive them… in moderation

Those who buy electric cars drive them… in moderation

Electric models are slowly beginning to gain a fanatical following in the United States, although their penetration in the mentioned market is not as significant as, for example, in China or Europe. Most Americans still seem to think…lots of cylinders and volume, not time and charging times.

30% fewer trips are made by EV owners in the US than owners of hot models.

Americans see EVs as inadequate for their daily transportation needs and believe them to be an expensive toy for the rich. This and many other interesting facts, revealed a recent study on a sample of 860,000 drivers.

Therefore, the study showed that those who get an electric car spend more money on the purchase and, at the same time, use it less than they would use the same model with an internal combustion engine.

A three-year-old electric car travels an average of 9,059 mi (14,579 km) per year compared to 12,758 mi (20,532 km) traveled in the same period by a car with an internal combustion engine.

This represents a 29% drop in the number of miles or kilometers traveled by the average driver who, according to the survey, has obtained their electric vehicle at a price 47% higher than the equivalent of a conventional one.

Owners of Tesla models, however, seem to drive their cars more than other electric car drivers. The American brand tops the list with the highest mileage compared to other EVs.

The Model X, Tesla’s flagship SUV, is driven on an all-electric model in the United States, covering an average of 10,378 mi (16,702 km) per year. The other three Tesla models, Model Y, Model 3 and Model S, follow with 10,199 mi (16,414 km), 9,960 mi (16,029 km) and 9,340 mi (15,031 km) respectively.

All other EVs on the market are driven a bit more, falling below this average. In fact, if you take Tesla EVs out of the equation, other EVs average just 6,719 miles (10,813 km) per year.

Porsche Taycan

The biggest surprise, however, concerns the Porsche Taycan. The German electric model runs less than any other electric model in the US market. Only 4,846 miles (7,799 km) are traveled by it each year by its owners.

Of course, this is not because of the short range of the car, but because of the fact that Taycan owners have more than one car in their garage, because of that they don’t drive their Porsche every day.

The study also found that EV owners retain a high level of anxiety, even after three years of living with their electric model, making them “scared” to drive their EVs even more. The study also showed that the electric model costs an average of $45,147, while the standard counterpart, $30,760.


The study concludes that with the new measures that have been announced in the United States regarding the improvement of the charging network in the country, in the coming years drivers and buyers will gain more confidence and self-confidence, so that they can choose. electric model for their trips or travel more kilometers with their existing electric vehicle.