This Nissan GT-R sold for .36 million!

This Nissan GT-R sold for $1.36 million!

This is the car that belonged to the late Paul Walker, one of the main characters of Fast and Furious.

The 2000 Skyline GT-R has a special history since it was imported to the United States by Kaizo Industries without an engine. Then the original came in and the car managed to get a license.

It was one of those that Paul Walker drove in Fast and Furious and the only one that was real and not some model. Even this has its modifications and its power reaches 550 hp.

However, its role in the 2009 film has increased its value, and the R34 model in question recently sold for $1.36 million.

It’s the highest price the GT-R has ever fetched. However, the most expensive Japanese model ever sold was the Toyota 2000GT at $2.54 million. It was curated by Carrol Shelby and sold last year.