this is how his first SUV will be

this is how his first SUV will be

McLaren is working on the development of what will be its first SUV. It will arrive in the current decade and will be sold as an electric only. Obviously it will offer different options in terms of power and traction systems. The English house had previously said that its future was in supercars. No SUV on the horizon.

But leave for Mike Flewitt as head of the company he changed the road map for the Woking manufacturer. His successor is Michael Leiters, a German engineer who previously worked at Porsche. That is, someone who knows the power of SUVs at the moment to attract customers. In fact, Leiters was also at Ferrari, when Purosangue began to flourish.

This is what the first McLaren SUV will look like

“I made an SUV at Ferrari and I made an SUV at Porsche, so I like SUVs. But we won’t do that for me. I think it’s a very important market. It’s still there, and it’s “What we need to understand as McLaren is how we can find a product that matches our DNA. We shouldn’t be making a regular SUV,” Leiters said Lorry.

To these statements were added those of McLaren’s director of product strategy, Jamie Corstorphine, given to Motoring News: “The most important thing is to provide a car that has more space for the McLaren customer to share the experience with as many people as possible. How long it will be, if it will be a ferry… that has yet to be decided, and really is not certain at this point. What is clear is that if we do anything, whether it is an SUV or any product, it will have to be carefully thought out. McLaren’s DNA.”

Various reports indicate that it will be so all electric car. There will be no pure combustion or hybrid versions. It is also known that it will be a very high-performance electric, even if it will offer different levels of power and range with two and three motors, as well as the possibility of choosing. between two and four wheels.

And finally, that its bodywork will be similar to that of a sports crossover than that of a traditional SUV. Even Ferrari and his Purosangue have acted in this way to try not to completely betray their own history.

Logically, the McLaren SUV would be a purchase reserved for the richest pockets on the planet. Any car born in Woking needs an aerial cost. There is a price negotiation starting higher than 400,000 euros.

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