This Defender Convertible Fills A Gap In The Land Rover Range

This Defender Convertible Fills A Gap In The Land Rover Range

The original Defender came in many flavors, but its modern equivalent is limited to the larger 90, 110, and 130. Not only does the line lack a pickup truck, but Land Rover has also refrained from producing a convertible. For those looking for fun, there’s good news – Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs has taken the roof off the road.

Derived from the Defender 90, the Valiance Convertible features a folding fabric top that contrasts with its Sunbeam Yellow body. This marks the company’s second iteration, following a different design introduced almost a year ago with white steel wheels. The latest version is even brighter, showing off large two-tone alloys, including an additional one attached to the fifth door.

Heritage Customs went beyond simply ditching the fixed hardtop to make way for a power-folding roof; they also added a full roll cage for extra strength and safety. The cabin was redone with yellow stitching to match the open exterior. The coachbuilder upgraded the seats with black leather covered upholstery. Additionally, the dashboard is adorned with 3D inserts made of sculpted aluminum. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this Defender 90 has an optional middle front seat.

Heritage Customs does not stock Defender Valance Convertibles. These custom cars take at least three months to complete and cost from €82,500 (around $90,000), including the donor car and any applicable taxes. Production has been ramped up, and the coachbuilder is set to reveal another Valiance Convertible model soon.

In 2024, SUV replacements are few and far between and we will soon cross one off the list. Volkswagen recently announced that the T-Roc Convertible will be bowing out after the first and only generation has run its course.

Some will remember that aside from the old Defender, Land Rover had another cabrio-SUV mashup in its portfolio. We’re talking about the short-lived Evoque Convertible.