This car had a touch screen already in 1986

This car had a touch screen already in 1986

Touch screens may just take us into the third millennium. Every human spends hours a week on smartphones and, recently, even in cars. However, there are those who proposed this technology 35 years ago.

The first production car with a touch screen display is indeed 1986 Buick Riviera. The system was called the Image Control Center and, in the same spirit as its modern counterparts, housed some of the car’s most important controls.

The screen was black and green cathode ray tube, compact in size. Among its functions is that of controlling the climate, allowing you to control the temperature and the speed of the fan. And here we have a bit of information: the displayed animation of the fan changes speed according to the speed set. Through the screen you can too control all AM/FM radio controlseven allowing you to adjust the volume and change the sync.

The system worked well and The touch screen was more accurate than other modern systems. General Motors bet big on it and also adopted it in the Buick Reatta. However, the public remained lukewarm in the face of the future proposal, if not cold. A classic example of a very high-end product for the times.

The debate on the size, quantity and importance of screens in the passenger compartment of the car is more heated than ever. Tesla started the dance and it’s now putting a 17-inch screen on the 2021 Model S placed horizontally. Try to go against Alfa Romeo’s style, CEO Imparato said Future Alfas will have as few screens as possible.