This brand new Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster can…

This brand new Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster can…

Created in 2003 Mercedes in conjunction with McLaren An a big car: of SLR. This two-seater had a carbon fiber structure and 5.4 liters V8-motor which produced 626 hp and 780 Nm – amazing figures for the time. From 2007, a street version of the SLR was released, mainly for the American market, which consumed the majority of production.

SLR classic

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SLRs sold new between 400,000 and 500,000 each and were expensive. Its high price and lack of performance compared to its rivals made it a commercial failure. That’s why only 1,789 units were built until 2010, before Mercedes decided to throw down the gauntlet and McLaren started building supercars themselves.

Indoor SLR


The SLR is now a collector’s item and enjoys some success among wealthy collectors. These collectors probably want a 2008 SLR roadster from a London dealer DDClassics hit on the head. It was from 2008 and was the only one ordered in yellow, with a red interior and soft top. The icing on the cake is that this car is brand new and has only 98 km on the odometer. If you want to make yourself a great holiday gift, don’t hesitate!

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