This 800-HP, AWD Civic Type R Is Honda Modding Done Right

This 800-HP, AWD Civic Type R Is Honda Modding Done Right

Even with its front-wheel-drive roots, the Honda Civic Type R has solidified its position as one of the world’s best driver’s cars in recent years. But that didn’t stop one YouTuber from reaching into the Honda parts bin to turn his CTR into an 800 all-wheel drive monster.

As you might expect, sending power behind a car that has never been designed for such a task is a big job. While YouTuber Devin Niemela uploaded a nice 25-minute compilation on the construction process, the entire project is detailed in more than 65 videos on his channel.

The project started with a dismantled Type R, which Niemela restored to stock configuration. From there, the project got more hands on. There was a ton of custom fabrication work required, including everything from engine mounts to new rail parts. The 306-hp turbocharged K20C1 four-cylinder was replaced by the Acura-sourced K24, which received its own turbocharger. The CRV-sourced subframe front was rotated for use in the CTR, alongside the SUV variant. The best CTR gearbox was kept, because of course, Niemela didn’t want to lose that.

Connecting everything was just the first step, as a build like this requires a ton of wiring and custom design work. Niemela managed to break a few components during the early days, including a temporary incident that required a rebuild of the turbocharged K24. The gearbox also needed some beekeeping, although that’s not surprising when the hub is pushing more than twice its original output. You can watch some of those dyno shenanigans around the 20-minute mark of the clip, which I’d recommend you do. Never underestimate what passion can do with a dream, a little shop space, and time.

Congratulations Niemela on this project, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Devin Niemela is on YouTube

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