They don’t break, they don’t break – These are cars that will last a lifetime

They don’t break, they don’t break – These are cars that will last a lifetime

A new study brings to light those cars that seem to be reliable, with a high chance of breaking even the 400,000 km barrier.

Reliability is beyond doubt one of the most important criteria for buying a car and maybe that’s the reason it will largely judge the user’s experience while living with the car.

It is not just a coincidence that some cars or even manufacturers have “built” their work on the reliability they offer theoretically.

Because theory is obviously different from practice, new research is coming to light four wheels that are proven to… last a lifetime.


The study was conducted in the Atlantic Ocean, in the US market. trying to highlight reliable champions or to be precise those cars that have a great chance of exceeding even 400,000 km.

Topping the list, compiled by iSeeCars using statistical data from 260 million vehicles built from 2012 to 2022, Ford F-350 Super Duty, whose chance of breaking the 400,000 km barrier without experiencing major problems is four times the average or if you prefer 49.1%.


In the second place of the appropriate list we find a model known to many, which has a long history in the wider category of recreational vehicles.

The reason for it Toyota Land Cruiser, whose chance of passing 400,000 kilometers reaches 47.9%. In third and fourth place we find two more Toyota models with similar reliability levels, leaving the second Ford in the Top 10 in fifth place.

Toyota Land Cruiser

It is worth mentioning that on The first 10 positions of the list are 5 models of Toyotawhich gave the Japanese brand a more reliable name.

An indication of the high performance of Japanese brand models is the fact that the probability of a car exceeding 400,000 kilometers is only an average of 11.8%while at least 8 Toyota models have more than two percent, reaching up to 48%.


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