“There’s no reason we can’t beat Ferrari and Aston Martin”

“There’s no reason we can’t beat Ferrari and Aston Martin”

George Russell, who finished the first training session in first place and the second training session in fifteenth place; He says they know the reason for failing to perform well in the second session and says that their goal is to be ahead of Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Russell had a very bumpy day in Miami. When the British pilot completed the first training session in first place; in the second training session, he was only 15th.

Saying that he lost his performance after switching to a soft tire in the second practice session, Russell said in his post-training statement: “We had a similar experience in Miami last year: we were the fastest team on Friday and then we got kicked out. of the field. Q2 on Saturday.”

“The car changed when I went from the medium tires to the soft in practice 2. I felt strong on the laps on the medium tyre, I was on a good lap, I could get into the top 4 if I could finish it. replaced the flat tires, and the car stopped working the way I wanted it to.”

“I think we understand a little bit why this is happening and luckily we have time tonight where we can make changes to the car.”

“There’s no reason we can’t be ahead of Ferrari and Aston Martin. That’s our goal. I think we’ve seen in the first four races that Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes are very close. It would be very exciting if these teams were fighting for victory or pole position.”

“It’s nice that all three teams are so close because you can tell when you do something right, you get your reward by being ahead of the other 2 teams.”

“We know what we have, we saw it in training 1. We saw it at the beginning of the second training session, we just need to put some things together.”

George Russell, Mercedes F1 W14

Photo: Steven Tee / Sports Pictures

The Miami Circuit’s asphalt was updated ahead of the 2023 race. The new asphalt has resulted in very little grip, and today we saw drivers struggling to find grip, get cornering power, and select braking stops.

Russell also thinks the race will be tough because of the new tarmac.

“I think we went into the unknown on Sunday when the track was being redone. The track is still not like the other tracks and it makes a difference, which is good in some areas.”

“In racing, it can be difficult because you can’t get off the line. Today, including me, you saw that when you put a tire off the line, you jump off the track.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let’s wait and see tomorrow.”