There will be cheaper electric cars.  However, you need to understand the meaning of “cheap”.

There will be cheaper electric cars. However, you need to understand the meaning of “cheap”.

Citroen won’t be the only carmaker to offer a cheap electric car in Europe. More companies are joining the ranks, and with their presence, the predicted price of the “people’s electric car” is falling.

There is an old psychological trick. If you want a friend to lend you PLN 500, ask him for PLN 1,000 first. When he refuses, say “at least 500” and wait for his eager approval. The situation taking place in the European small car market may be similar to this approach. In the last few years the once vibrant segment of small and affordable cars has virtually ceased to exist. Smaller cars, such as the Ford Ka or Škoda Citigo, have disappeared from the market, and those that remain in the A and B segments cost today the same as a small car did a few years ago.

Maybe the alternative is electric cars, which are supposed to be the future of the European car industry? Well, there aren’t many small electric cars, and the prices don’t encourage people to buy them. For example, in cities Renault Zoe cost 180.5 thousand bad Peugeot e-208 this is the cost of PLN 159,000. zlotys. However, the situation is about to change soon. The first to appear was the Citroen e-C3. The cheapest version of the car with a determined range according to the WLTP standard of 320 km was priced at the same PLN 110,650. However, this is not the last word of the industry.

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As reported by Automotive News Europe, Germany is preparing the Volkswagen ID.2, which will cost less than PLN 25,000. euro (PLN 109.1 thousand). He also wants to fight for the customer Hyundai and Kia. Related Korean brands are also working on an affordable electric city car that is expected to change the face of transportation in the Old Continent. What’s more, he can also join the game Tesla, though it’s currently more of a rumor than a statement. Prices may drop even further.

in 2026, a new one is expected to appear on the market Renault Twingo. An electric car will cost money less than 20 thousand euroswhich would mean at today’s exchange rate 87.3 thousand zlotys. It will also be suspended at the same price level Volkswagen ID.1 – if it’s called that. VW CEO Oliver Blume talked about plans to create such a car.

The drop in prices is not only the result of a greater level of production than in previous years, but also changes in technology. Currently, the most common traction batteries are nickel-manganese-cobalt. They are expensive due to the need to use rare compounds. At the same time, the Citroen e-C3 benefits lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are cheap to produce. It will probably be the same in the case of other electric vehicles that are aimed at mass consumers.

Everything indicates that within a few years we will return to the price level of 2020. At that time, Škoda offered the electric Citigo-e iV in Poland for around PLN 82,000. zlotys. However, it seems doubtful that the Czechs could make money by selling this car. Things will be different now, and cheap electric cars will be completely on the market. Unfortunately, for the return of cars for PLN 40,000. PLN should no longer be counted.