The 2022 Yucon 54 B, Smart Compact Car Park with Everything You Need

The 2022 Yucon 54 B, Smart Compact Car Park with Everything You Need

We knew that the Fiat Ducato, a vehicle offered in North America as the Ram Promaster, was a decent base for making cool camper vans, but we had no idea it was that fantastic.

Campervan professionals Yucon, a firm headquartered near Nuremberg, Germany, has all the necessary components to change this truck into a fully furnished mobile house. A new video on the mini campers YouTube account describes the 54 B, one of the company’s newest and best-equipped versions.

The 2022 Yucon 54 B, Smart Compact Car Park with Everything You Need

The five-minute film transports us to a recreational vehicle expo in a German city, where the Fiat camper is exhibited with its doors wide open so that attendees may explore its inside.

It may seem cramped at first look, yet it contains almost everything you need for your wilderness vacation. On the other hand, with a total length of 5.41 meters, it is a vehicle that permits movement in a variety of environments, including cities.

However, what most impresses us is the modest but completely functional kitchen, which seems to have enough room to store cooking tools, as well as two burners and an oven.

In addition, there is an 85-liter refrigerator and a dining table for four. A big bed in the back accommodates two passengers, and the view from the rear double doors is spectacular.

The Yukon 54 B is equipped with an optional 90-liter fuel tank and a Multijet II turbodiesel engine with up to 180 horsepower. It contains a 110-liter fresh water tank, two AGM batteries, an easily-emptied 80-liter waste water tank, a heating system, and a storage compartment with a weight of over 800kg.

The Yucon 54 B with the less powerful 120 hp turbodiesel engine has a starting price of 48,900 euros, which is pretty cheap for this kind of recreational vehicle.

In their work to convert the van into a camper vehicle, the Yucon designers accomplished an excellent job. A camper expo in Germany is where the 54 B was discovered for the first time. When it was in the hands of Yucon’s designers, the commercial van underwent several significant changes. The inside of the camper truck has been renovated to fit all of the necessary camping equipment.]

The transformation of vans into campers is Yucon’s area of expertise, thus the end product was stunning. The 54 B is well-equipped to satisfy all of the needs of a person’s voyage into the natural world, even though it seems to be a cramped fit at first appearance. Since it is so compact, you may even use it in the middle of the city.

The Rear View Of A Yucon 54 B

An RV exhibition is being held somewhere in Europe, and the 54.1 m camper is being showcased there. The doors to the inside are open so visitors may look around. The length of the vehicle, on its whole, is 54.1 meters. The inside gives the impression of being cramped at first look; nonetheless, it is stocked with practically everything that may be required for a vacation excursion into the wilderness.

The kitchen is compact yet functional, with ample room for food preparation, two stovetop hobs, and an oven. In addition, the 54 B has a refrigerator with an 85-liter capacity and a dining area with seating for four adults. Two people may sleep comfortably on the large bed located at the back, which also has a stunning panorama via its double-hinged rear door.

A diesel engine with 180 horsepower and a tank that may hold 75 or 90 liters is available as an option for the 54 B. You have your choice of eight different paint treatments, along with a freshwater tank that holds 110 liters of water, two standard AGM batteries, an 80-liter waste water tank, standard Combi 4 TRUMA heating, and over 1,500 pounds of payload with the Yucon.

In addition, the Yucon 54 B features a double door with rear windows that open, swivel, pull-out tabletop, ample storage space in the rear, lots of compartments in the interior, foldable slatted frame, and standard assistance systems, as well as mirrored cabinets and compartments in the bathroom. All of these features come standard.

The Yucon 54 B may be purchased for somewhere in the range of $54,690. It is the perfect price for a camper that has an effective combination of a thoughtful design and a generous amount of amenities. Yucon has put in a lot of work to adapt a Fiat Ducato into an innovative and space-saving camper that they have dubbed the 54 B.

Before beginning an argument over the price, each of these efforts needs to be taken into account. There may be some extra costs associated with the additional features. Alterations made by the purchaser to the product might result in a large increase or decrease in the price. On the other hand, the price of the regular base model is around $54,690.

The Smart Interior Of The Yucon 54 B

The Yucon 54 B is a harmonious combination of a thoughtful construction and ample amenities. The outer design of a First Ducato served as motivation for the creation of a clever and small camper vehicle. The inside has been thoughtfully designed to make the most of the available space by maximizing the use of every square inch.

The vehicle reaches a whole new level of refinement thanks to features like the collapsible frame and the twin doors. Even while traveling through remote areas, the user will feel as if they are in the comfort of their own home thanks to the conveniences that are included in the van.

In general, the Yucon 54 B is an excellent camper vehicle that comes equipped with a wealth of options. The designers have made a significant effort to adapt the commercial vehicle into a cutting-edge, space-saving camper by drawing external design cues from the Fiat Ducato, which served as their primary point of reference.

The Yukon 54 B can be purchased for the price of $54,690 and comes fully equipped with everything required for a comfortable outing in the wilderness. At a caravan exhibition in Europe where changed cars were exhibited, Yucon, a company that specializes in converting vans into camper vehicles, showed the tiny camper. The event was held in Europe.