The world’s best-selling car changed hands: Here’s a new leader

The world’s best-selling car changed hands: Here’s a new leader

The rise of electric vehicles continues unabated. Exactly Teslasuccess is a major driving force. According to industry analyst JATO Dynamics, it is also sold in Turkey. Tesla Model Yin the first quarter of 2023 the best selling car in the world It happened with This is the first time an electric car has achieved this feat.

Model Y becomes the best selling car in the world

Model Y its sales have been increasing worldwide for the past few years and it was believed that this success would come one day. In fact, this success was first predicted before the car was released, as Tesla thought the car could be needed up to one million units per year. At the time, that was an ambitious goal, and many saw it as another example of Tesla’s “optimistic” predictions, but last year Tesla said the Model Y was on track to become the world’s best-selling car by 2023.

Last year, the Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe and California, making it the fourth best-selling car in China despite China’s different tastes and model availability compared to the rest of the world. These performances made it the third best-selling car in the world. But now, Tesla’s sales predictions four years ago seem to be coming true. The Model Y dethroned the Toyota Corolla in the first quarter, becoming the world’s best-selling car and it looks like it will maintain this position throughout the year.

Model Yin the first quarter, based on data from 53 markets and global forecasts. 267,200 made a sale. This figure compares the Model Y to the same period. 256,400 seller corollaIt was enough to get in front of him. Although we don’t know if this position will continue for the rest of the year, Model Y sales are increasing rapidly, while Corolla sales are showing a slight downward trend.

On the other hand, given the huge price cuts Tesla has made on the Model Y this year, this will definitely make the car more affordable compared to 2022. If the Model Y continues at this pace, or if sales continue to increase for the rest of the year this year, it will end in 2023 with sales over 1 million.

However, considering the price and availability of the Model Y, this achievement is even more impressive. The Model Y is widely available in the world’s largest markets, while the Corolla is available everywhere. Also, despite the price reduction, the Model Y can be found for around $40,000, while the base model of the Corolla is priced at around $21,000.

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