The White Lotus: Did You Recognize This French Actor? Jennifer Coolidge Loves It!

The White Lotus: Did You Recognize This French Actor? Jennifer Coolidge Loves It!

The French actor has joined the cast of the second season of The White Lotus. Did you identify him? Warning, spoilers ahead.

Warning, spoilers ahead Before reading further, it is recommended that you watch The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 first.

In The White Lotus’s second season, the French actress has invited herself to the party. This actor appears in episode four of the Mike White series, which is presently showing in the United States and France on OCS + 24. He is a well-known actor who portrays Luc in the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Bruno Gouery portrays Didier, a French traveler who is part of a group of friends spending quality time with Tanya, in The White Lotus (Jennifer Coolidge). And it may be said that the French actor was the highlight of the production of the second season of the Emmy-winning series.

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Tanya’s interpreter spoke highly of Bruno Gouery during the round table interview with Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries (Jon) in which AlloCiné was able to participate:

“I really like Bruno because I believe he will become very famous one day. He is a very interesting artist, and when he is filming a scene, I forget we are working because I am so enthralled by what he is doing. does.

He is a shrewd and clever actor. She has a knack for being charming, and her acting is so subtle and genuine that you are surprised when she is in the same scene as you. He is one of the most humorous French citizens. I believe great things are possible for him. He is capable of making a difference.”

Due to the success of Emily in Paris, Bruno Gouery’s career took a new direction after various projects in France, including the series Doc Martin, Double Je, Alphonse President, and the film But you are insane.

The actor has appeared in Za za za za, Le Bonheur des uns, and Fraté. After the second season of The White Lotus and the third season of Emily in Paris, we hope Bruno Gouery shines in more transatlantic projects.