The Volvo EX30 will reach young people with a different ownership style

The Volvo EX30 will reach young people with a different ownership style

BMW and after Mercedes-Benz Registration steps taken by Volvo evaluated separately.

15 June announced to be launched Volvo EX30one by one It will be a tool that will bring the youth to the direction.. Insisting that the models it offers have not focused on the youth until now, the company wants to change this completely with the EX30. for this too”ownership and monthly subscription” example is adopted. The company that created the new car in this ownership model, which will not be offered in every country, and said that they designed it accordingly, said that young people are here with low monthly payments. aims to own a car without buying a car. Electric cars are still very expensive, and the purchasing power of the world’s youth is now much lower than before. So this system seems to make sense, in the target infrastructure It is possible to get the right of economic use that cannot be compared to renting a car.. According to the statement Recharging the Volvo XC40 full electricity down Volvo EX30on the SEA platform of parent company Geely is being installed.


Volvo before this BMW and after Mercedes-Benz It gave voice to the details provided specifically for the registration steps taken by the company. For those who missed it Mercedes-Benzhigh power in the EQ series last month “Accelerate” It went on sale with a subscription package. To increase the performance of EQ series cars in software or remove digital limits, the company is monthly. 100 dollarsif every year $1,200 he wants In this regard, for a move that attracted a lot of attention before that, BMW he had come forward. The major manufacturer has been offering car models in certain countries for some time now. sells heated seat subscriptions. Yes, inside the purchased car use a heated seat already People need to buy a subscription. Required for front seat only The monthly fee is $18 per month standard.

especially talking about it Bjorn Annwall, Volvo’s Director of Operations, “registration” they said they think differently from their competitors. annwall, “registration” does not close the door to sell but He says they won’t sell small details like heated seats and registration. “We’re not going to ask people who buy a car for a million crowns to pay an extra 10 crowns to get extra heat in the seat.” who said annwall, registration system is private and large systems (For example, driverless control) present what they want to use to sell.

It seems very bad today that systems that have become common years ago are sold for money under the name of registration and attract a lot of reactions among drivers. A feature in the car as accessories, big money given “luxury” Linking it to registration in cars doesn’t seem very sustainable.