The Toyota With the Lowest Reliability Scores

The Toyota With the Lowest Reliability Scores

Important takeaways

  • The bz4X Toyota model ranks as the least reliable new Toyota, with an overall JD Power rating of 64/100.
  • A faulty electrical system in the bz4X has caused issues such as dead batteries and hub bolts.
  • Despite its great reputation, the Toyota Sienna is a less reliable model with frequent failures of the sliding door and the dashboard.

Toyota has built a reputation for building some of the most reliable cars over the past 80 years, with its cars being very popular in the United States. Its impressive sales numbers for 2023, where the Corolla, Camry, Tacoma, and RAV4 were the top-selling vehicles in their respective classes, hammer home.

Like all brands, Toyota has made its fair share of mistakes. HotCars combs through data shared by Toyota car owners across JD Power, Consumer Reports, and other sources to find out which brand products are least reliable.


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Toyota bz4X Is The Most Reliable New Toyota

Toyota bz4X specifications


150 kW electric motor


201 hp


196 lb-ft


4,266 pounds

Reliability Rating


(Sources: Toyota, JD Power)

The Japanese car The brand is a little late to the full electric car celebration compared to some of its rivals, such as Ford and General Motors. It currently offers only one vehicle that relies solely on electric propulsion: the bz4X.

The Bz4X was released in 2022 as a 2023 model year car, though it quickly developed a reputation for unreliability. It’s the lowest-ranked Toyota model sold new in 2024, with a JD Power reliability rating of 64, which is nearly ten points lower than the bulk of Toyota’s lineup. Consumer Reports puts it even lower for 2024, at 47/100.

The Bz4X is designed as a small crossover SUV for city use, and its motor produces 201 hp (150 kW) and 196 lb-ft of torque. Its limited range, with the base model only expected to reach 119 miles on a single charge, makes it ideal for short trips.

This is a sad conclusion for the bz4X, considering all of the manufacturer’s other ranges combined to leave it second overall in the website’s list of every car brand overall. It scores significantly lower than Japanese rival Nissan’s Ariya in this category, with the small SUV scoring a solid 62 from JD Power, as well as the route. Kia’s EV6. At least it matches Subaru’s Solterra model and edges out Ford’s Mustang Mach-E by several points.

Toyota bz4X reliability

  • Total Recall: 1
  • A more common reminder: Wheel Hub Bolts Fail
  • A Year With Many Museums: 2022

(Source: Consumer Reports)

While the bz4X fares well from a handling standpoint, with its brakes, steering, and suspension holding up to date, things change in terms of build quality and power. They still have decent marks though, and the biggest problem seems to be the car’s electrical system.

According to Consumer Reports, this includes features like the car’s infotainment system, head-up display, or cameras and sensors that control things like climate control and driving safety systems.

Battery Discharge Issues

Other owners on the official Toyota forum as well they reported their car battery completely dead itself in just a few weeks, leaving it stranded wherever it was parked.

Bolts Hub Hub

The Bz4X did not win many fans after it was recalled in late 2022 when it was discovered that the wheel hub bolts could loosen, which caused the wheels to fall off while in motion. The vehicle hub bolts and wheels were redesigned to prevent the issue from occurring in the future. Due to these various issues, CR reports that only about half of the owners it heard from would buy a car again. About 75% of Ariya and Mach E owners, would buy again.

The 2021 GR Supra Is the Most Dependable Toyota of the Last 20 Years


Toyota Supra 2021 Specs


3.0-liter straight-six


382 hp


368 lb-ft


3,400 pounds

Rank Reliability


(Sources: Toyota, JD Power)

While the bz4X doesn’t seem to be the apple of Toyota’s eye right now, it’s not the only time the brand has struggled to gain acceptance with its customers. When Toyota brought back the popular Supra sports car in 2019, it ran into trouble by re-creating the BMW Z4 and its body.

While Toyota sourced the Supra’s 2.0-liter inline-four and 3.0-liter engines directly from the German brand, along with the ZF automatic gearbox, it developed the car’s chassis and suspension on its own terms. HotCars even awarded it the Best Japanese Sports Car in 2022.

The 2021 version of the car had its own reliability issues, however, as this version of the Supra scored the lowest of any Toyota in the past 20 years in JD Powers reliability ratings.

Reliability of Supra 2021

  • Total Reminders: 3
  • A more common reminder: Loss of Brake Assist
  • A Year With Many Museums: 2021
  • The most common problems: Engine Braking Assist, Seat Belt Retractor Failed

(Source: Consumer Reports)

Excessive Fat Consumption

The main concern about the 2021 Supra is related to excessive fuel consumption with the 3.0-liter I6 powertrains. Many owners on the official Supra Mk.5 forums have reported experiencing the problem, with some experiencing more than half of the 6.9 liter fuel capacity in about 3,000 miles.

One driver shared that he had to refuel in less than 1,000 miles. Some have also experienced problems with cylinders scoring after less than 5,000 miles, which necessitated the installation of a new engine.

A a vote cast on the same platform between 2020 and ’22 it found that only 140 out of 555 owners had experienced similar issues. A forum poll supports this theory, as 121 of the 140 owners who experienced the problem had a 2021 Supra.


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The Toyota Sienna Is The Most Dependable Model In The Company’s History


Toyota Sienna specs


2.5-liter I4 with Hybrid Drive


245 hp (combined)


176 lb-ft


4,610 pounds

(Source: Toyota)

The maximum capacity of seven seats, the Toyota Sienna is marketed to large families and has large side sliding doors to help parents access the rear seats to fasten or attend to their children.

Toyota Sienna Reliability vs. Other Toyota Models

The power of JD

vehicle inspection

Consumer Reports

Toyota Sienna




Toyota Camry




Toyota Corolla




Toyota RAV4




Toyota 4Runner




Toyota Tacoma




(Sources: JD Power,, Consumer Reports)

The mechanisms that control the doors have been found to fail more frequently at higher mileages, with RepairPal reporting that most components go bad at about 100,000 miles. The sliding door mechanism is the Sienna’s most consistent ailment, and the website reports more than 800 cases of the issue.

There are also about 300 cases of the dashboard cracking due to continuous use, while there are also about 200 stories of the car’s oxygen sensor giving up.


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This poor reliability and quality is also reflected in user reviews left on The Sienna has an average reliability score of just 7.4, with only 59% of 183 owners saying they would buy another Toyota following their minivan ownership experience.

Things didn’t get any better for the Sienna when Consumer Reports was consulted, with many very poor ratings relating to the quality of the machine’s mounting hardware. The car’s technical features tend to hold up well in later models, although its poor build quality results in a score of just 52 out of 100.

Overall, Toyota has proven time and time again that their vehicles can be trusted for a variety of uses. Effective research is always important for the purchase of any car, whether the manufacturer has a reliable and trustworthy reputation or not.

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