The tiff over tennis court expansion at Lincoln’s Woods Park has not been resolved by a new plan

The tiff over tennis court expansion at Lincoln’s Woods Park has not been resolved by a new plan

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Some Lincolnites are conflicted about what to do with Woods Park: Build more tennis courts or keep it the way it is?

There has long been a debate over what the land at 33rd and O streets should be used for.

Currently, the non-profit organization Friends of Woods Tennis is looking to expand its tennis courts.

President Todd Peterson said the game is important to the community.

“We want to be good neighbors,” he said. “We’re not trying to build a nuclear waste dump here; we’re trying to get kids and adults excited.”

The group has reached its capacity of 500 children for the current period. Peterson said it has expelled more than 120 children.

Neerav Jain, whose daughter plays tennis, came from Chicago for the tournament at Woods Park.

“I think in the future you can have national level competitions held here, so it will increase the income as well,” he said. “The quality of the facility they are building for this entire area will help a lot.”

Peterson said the original plan was to expand to the north, but now officials hope to build to the south, which will take up less green space.

“We don’t just build to build,” he said. “Once we have built what needs to be done, we are done. We have no intention of building any more courts.”

But the Woods Park: Keep it Green group said it had heard that before.

Mary Anne Wells, one of the founding members, said the courts have been expanding for decades, and the group doesn’t want to lose the park again.

“There are people who walk here every day,” he said. “And every time they expand the tennis, our paths are moved, and we have to walk on the fence around the tennis courts.”

The group said tennis is just one use of the field, which is used by many families who live nearby.

“We’re not against tennis,” Gary Wells said. “We think they are doing a good job, and they have a big enough facility to do what they want to do now. For future needs, they need to go build a second facility in the southern part of town, where there are no public tennis courts.”

Carole Curry, another member, said this is the closest green space to the neighborhood.

“Keeping it green means keeping it green,” he said. “We want trees; we want grass. We love the multi-use area. We know that it is worth the climate action plan to be greener, not more sustainable.

The Keep it Green group will march on Wednesday from 3 to 6 pm and on Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm.

Participants will start at the baseball field at 31st and J streets and walk to 33rd and O.

An online survey to share your views will be available at the end of next week.

The city will also hold three public meetings at the Woods Park Place building: on March 2 at 11 am, March 4 at 5:30 pm and March 5 at 11:30 am.