The ten cheapest electric cars in Portugal


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Electric cars are thriving in Portugal and, despite the rising cost of living crisis, sales in the first four months of the year grew by 118.6%, compared to the same period in 2022, with 10,405 units registered, according to data from the Association of Portugal (ACAP).

The rapid rise in sales of this type of car is closely related to the appearance of new models, and even new products, and a significant drop in prices compared to offering a year or two ago. In any case, it is still not within the reach of any Portuguese person to buy this type of car. More and more people believe that electric cars are the future of automotive technology, in a world that is beginning to realize the need to invest in sustainable mobility. However, it is not all benefits. See the advantages and disadvantages of trams, as well as a list of the cheapest prices in Portugal.