The Surprising Facts of The Beast Cadillac, The US President’s Car Can Launch Nuclear Power – The President of the United States recently landed in Indonesia on the plane of the President of the United States known as Air Force One.

US President Joe Biden then preferred to use their car instead of the one provided by the Indonesian government.

Apparently this is part of the security protocol of the president of the country.

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Quoted by Bondowoso Network from YouTube channel Autopop, the car that President Joe Biden drives in the form of a long sedan nicknamed the Beast.

This car is built on it truck chassis which is commonly used in cars two cabins in Europe.

The beast sedan must be built above chassis This is because it weighs from 7-9 tons.

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In addition to weight, chassis it also supports The Beast’s very long body.

Most of the weight of the US president’s car The Beast is contributed by its body which is about 20 cm thick.

The Beast car is not only an armored vehicle but a combination of various other materials such as ceramics, kevlar, carbon ceramics and aluminum whose function is for safety.

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Not only the body of the Beast car is strengthened, but all the glass parts are covered polycarbonate up to 12 cm.

Not only small arms attacks, General Motors as a manufacturer guarantees that The Beast can be safe even from bomb blasts.