The successor to the Nissan Leaf electric car will transform into a small SUV

The successor to the Nissan Leaf electric car will transform into a small SUV

The use of electric motorcycles is now widely used in various countries, including Indonesia. In fact, one of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, Honda, has officially announced to sell its eco-friendly model this year.

Although electric motorcycles are easier in terms of maintenance than conventional models, the manufacturer with the symbol of flying wings still prepares everything including service and spare parts.

Honda Motors Asia Senior Manager, Prasert Vichitkulsawat even said that his association may add an electric motorcycle category in the future in the Technical Skills Competition.

Previously, the Honda Asia & Oceania 2023 Motorcycle Mechanic Skills Competition was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 23 and 24 May 2023.

About 36 participants from 10 countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and India competed to be the best technicians in three categories, which are commuter 1, commuter 2, and. fun or super bikes that all still use regular internal combustion engines.

“We know what this business (electric motorcycles) is like, not many have implemented electric motorcycles in every country. At Honda, we are always preparing for the supply of electricity and we have that model for the market,” explained Prasert, when he met in Bangkok. , Thailand, recently.

“I think we will include an electric motorcycle for this competition,” he said.