The second edition of the Gop Tun Festival will have 18 hours of music

The second edition of the Gop Tun Festival will have 18 hours of music

Jayda G – Photo: Keith Kaselampao

The Gop Tun Festival announces its second edition, which will take place on April 22, 2023, at the Live Stage Canindé, in São Paulo, with more than 30 electronic music artists, in an 18-hour party.

The festival will have four stages to offer, once again, a unique experience to its audience. In line with more than 70% of new attractions in Brazil, such names Jayda G, Mall Grab, DVSI, Nicola Cruz, Lena Willikens, Bambounou, DJ Seinfeld , Roza Terenzi, Partiboi69, Badsista X Evehive, Acemoma , Jasmine Infiniti, Harvey Sutherland (live), Bradley Zero, Zombies in Miami, Diliveogo ), Gop Tun DJs, Millos Kaiser, Vermelho, Julianna, 40%foda/Maneiríssimo (live), Suelem Even, Kamila Govorcin (live), Agrabah , Ubuntu, Balearic Banana, Kabulom, Harari, Larissa Jennings , Paulete Lindacelva Raquel Krügel, Rico Jorge ( one by one) It is Felinto (live).

In 2022, the Gop Tun Festival achieved its first mark for the best festival, and more than 40 artists performed, in 20 consecutive hours of music, on its four stages. In its second edition, in 2023, the idea is to continue with the foundation of developing experiences that transform the public.

Partiboi69 – Photo: Disclosure

“We are very happy to see the second edition of the Gop Tun Festival come to fruition after such a special first year. In 2023, the event will have several new features. Almost 70% of international artists will perform for the first time in Brazil – we will maintain the same concept and music line-up that drives our research as DJs today. From an ‘aesthetic’ point of view, the festival will highlight the division between urban and organic, something that, in our opinion, is one of the most beautiful differences, which makes São Paulo a unique city”, explains. Caio Tabordaone of the co-founders of the Gop Tun and Tamasha label.

In addition to the event planned for April, the program will have two more parallel parties, on dates to be announced, whose aim will be to discover new places in the capital city of São Paulo.

Tickets for the 2023 Gop Tun Festival are available via come in, prices start at R$180, subject to batch changes. Information