The pressure on Red Bull increased when the CEO of Ford made demands on the investigation of Christian Horner |  F1 |  Sports

The pressure on Red Bull increased when the CEO of Ford made demands on the investigation of Christian Horner | F1 | Sports

Ford CEO Jim Farley has reportedly written to Red Bull making it clear he is unhappy with the lack of progress in the investigation into Christian Horner. The 50-year-old is being investigated over allegations of inappropriate behaviour, which he denies, following a complaint by a female employee to Red Bull’s parent company in Austria.

The saga has cast a dark cloud over Red Bull ahead of the new season, with Horner’s future said to be in doubt as an investigation continues. Ford boss Farley is said to be fed up with the delay in reaching a conclusion and has written to Red Bull to express his feelings, according to AP.

The report claims Farley wrote that Ford, who will enter into a partnership with Red Bull in 2026, “are more confused by the lack of resolution or clear indications from you about when you expect a fair and just resolution of this matter.

“We are equally frustrated by the lack of full transparency regarding this matter by us, your corporate partners, and look forward to receiving a full account of all the findings.”

Express Sport have contacted Red Bull for their comment.

Farley also called on Red Bull to give ‘immediate and serious attention’ to the issue surrounding Horner, which has been going on for several weeks. In the letter, he added: “As we have shown before, without satisfactory answers, Ford’s values ​​cannot be discussed.

“It is important that our racing partners participate and show a real commitment to the same values. My team and I are available at any time to discuss this issue. We remain committed to, and we hope, a resolution that we can all stand behind.”

It follows similar calls made by other organizations in recent days, with Formula One making its first public comment on Horner’s investigation last week.

The statement said: “We hope that the matter will be clarified as soon as possible after a fair and thorough process. We have noted that Red Bull has launched an independent investigation into the allegations within Red Bull Racing. We will not comment further at this time.”

Meanwhile, the FIA ​​recently said it was committed to its values ​​of integrity, fairness and inclusion in a public statement related to the Horner case.

“Regarding the independent investigation currently being carried out by Red Bull GmbH, the FIA ​​emphasizes that until the investigation is completed and the results are known, we will not comment further,” said the governing body.

“The FIA ​​remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, fairness and inclusion within the sport.”

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